The Bugyals -Natural Grasslands in the Land of Gods- Uttarakhand

The Bugyals -Natural Grasslands in the Land of Gods- Uttarakhand

Plan a trip to beautiful Bugyal in Uttarakhand which makes awestruck with its beauty and great trekking experience. Uttarakhand is famous for spiritual tours across the country. It has four sacred dams and many more spiritual temples and ashrams. Popularly known as Deva Bhoomi. Uttarakhand not only famous for temples but also for the adventure activities in the Himalayas. Yearly thousands of tourists visit this place around the world for both pilgrimage and sightseeing with adventurous actives.

Bugyals also called as nature’s own grasslands. Bugyals are the beautiful captivating meadows naturally formed by the nature in the Himalayas. To see this nature’s masterpiece tourists come to these Bugyals every year. The famous Bugyals of Uttarakhand are Auli, Gairsair Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal, Dayara Bugyal, Kushak Kalyani Bugyal, and Panwali Bugyal.


Auli a famous winter destination in India for skiing. It is located in the Chamoli district in Uttrakhand. With the glistering slops and clean atmosphere. Elevated at an altitude of 2,500 m to 3,050 m. Therefore, tourists come here in winter to take part in winter sports which are conducted by the government every year. Auli is not only famous for Skiing but also for trekking in the Garhwal mountains of Himalayas.

The famous mountain peak which has a clear view from Auli Bugyal is Nanda Devi Peak. This is the second-largest peak in India. The best way to view the entire Garhwal Mountains is by taking a cable car from Joshimath to Auli. The extraordinary view from the cable car mesmerizes you. The Auli Bugyal and the nearby mountains beauty will awestruck the tourist.

Gairsain Bugyal

This beautiful Bugyal is located in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. Gairsain Bugyal is a spiritual, Historic and sightseeing place. Hence it is believed that Kubera, the king of Yaksha used to rule this place and later it was ruled by an Ausra. This place was described in the great epic of India Mahabharata as well.

Hence it is the centre of the Uttarakhand state. This beautiful city is the best holiday destination throughout the year, especially during winter.

The Bugyals - Grassy Land in the Uttarakhand's Himalaya
The Bugyals – Grassy Land in the Uttarakhand’

Bedni Bugyal

A bewitching beautiful meadow in the Himalayas, situated at an altitude of 3,354 m in the borders of Garhwal and Kumaon. The Lush green meadows covered with different colour flowers and provide the trekkers with an extraordinary view of Trishul mountain peak makes this place a heaven on earth. The sunrise and sunset is a special attraction for trekkers. Generally, trekkers who go to Roop Kund come across this place and stay here one night. Apart from this trekkers especially plan mind-blowing trekking to Bedni Bugyal.

Dayara Bugyal 

Dayara Bugyal is the most famous breathtaking Bugyal which is situated at a high altitude with green meadows everywhere. It is one of the best winter destinations for Skiing and other winter sports. During the winter season, the entire beautiful grass meadows will be covered with snow. Hence this place is located at the altitude from 2600 m to 3500 m. Tourist trek for 9 km into the forest and reach these beautiful meadows.

The best time to visit this Bugyal is from May to November but many tourists visit during winter to enjoy the breathtaking view of snowfall and the entire green meadows covered with snow.

Kushak Kalyani Bugyal

This gorgeous Bugyal located between Gangotri and Kedarnath route. If you are a nature lover then this trekking to Kushak Kalyani Bugyal makes you awestruck with the beauty and its serenity. These charming meadows have Himalayan flora and many alpine flowers. An easy way to reach here is trekking uphill from the Mala village. Another easy route is a few km drives from Uttarkashi you can view this memorizing meadow.

Panwali Bugyal

Panwali Bugyal located in the Gangotri and Kedarnath old trail. This Bugyal is less visited by the trekkers. This beautiful meadow is situated at an elevation of 3299m covered by the Rhododendron orchids. Therefore this open grassland gives a beautiful scenic view to the trekkers in the summer. New flowers and leaves blossom on this green carpet. Since it is located in the route from Gangotri to Kedarnath. You can reach Panwali Bugyal either through Gangotri here trek starts from Mala whereas from Kedarnath from Triyuginarain trek starts.


If you are a nature lover, plan a trip to the famous Bugyals of Uttarakhand which leaves you with an extraordinary experience and memories with your friends and family.







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