Cooking Classes in Rishikesh: ” Secrets of Traditional Indian Tastes”

Cooking Classes in Rishikesh: Calling all food lovers!

Join us as a traveler and discover how to make traditional Indian homemade food. You’ll learn about why these dishes are important and their health benefits in Ayurveda. We’ll share lots of interesting information about Indian food.

During our time together, you won’t just learn how to cook these dishes; you’ll also pick up some helpful tips and tricks from an Indian homemaker.

We’ll give you a menu, and you can choose which basic dishes you want to learn, like dal, rice, chapati, vegetables, and a dessert. The type of dal or rice depends on your preference. Our food doesn’t include onion and garlic & almost 75% organic.

We’ll also have a short session about Indian spices. You can ask questions about spices, and we’ll tell you about some basic spices (Masala) that work well in almost every dish.

At the end of it all, you won’t just learn about the dishes; you’ll get to enjoy the food you prepared with Miss. Anju.

Ancient Practice

In the past, in India, people used to prepare food and design their cuisine based on Ayurveda principles. However, these practices are now rare in Indian households. To revive the Ayurvedic way of cooking, we have introduced our cooking classes. We are dedicated to following the traditional Ayurvedic cooking methods, and we are excited to share this knowledge with you.

Cooking Classes in Varanasi
Traditional Cooking Style

What you will get to learn with us in cooking classes?

You will get a menu as listed below  for your reference

  • Chana Masala: Chickpeas cooked in a red gravy with spices.
  • Yellow fried Dal : Cooked lentil (yellow split pea)with red gravy with spices, garnished with tomatoes. (Many more sauce options available)
  • Chana Dal : Cooked lentil (split chickpea)with red gravy with spices, garnished with tomatoes. (Many more sauce options available)
  •  Rajma Dal : Cooked lentil (Kidney beans)with red gravy with spices, garnished with tomatoes. (Many more sauce options available)

2. Special Curries (Choose one):

  • Shahi Paneer: Cottage cheese cooked in a yellow gravy of cashews, tomato, ginger, spices , and rich cream.
  • Paneer Butter Masala: Cottage cheese cooked in a yellow gravy of cashews, tomato, ginger, spices, rich cream, and butter.
  • Mutter Paneer : Cottage cheese cooked with green peas in yellow gravy of cashews, spices, tomato, ginger, and rich cream. (Many more sauce options available)
  • Palak Paneer: Cottage cheese cooked with boiled spinach and tomato, ginger along with the spices.
  • Seasonal Vegetable: Assorted vegetables cooked in a red gravy with spices.

3. Special Bread (Choose one):

  • Chapati: Whole wheat bread, a healthy choice for beginners.
  • Aloo Paratha: Stuffed whole wheat bread with potato and spices, cooked with oil on a cast iron pan.
  • Plain Paratha : Whole wheat bread (chapati), cooked with oil on a cast iron pan.
  • Puri: Whole wheat bread (chapati) , deep fried in oil .

4.Rice Treasure (Choose one):

  • Zeera Rice: Rice cooked in butter with cumin seeds, offering a delightful cumin aroma.
  • Basic Rice: Normal/Plain, cooked rice.
  • Fried Rice: Rice cooked in butter with cumin seeds, tomatoes and some Indian spices.

5.Indian Dessert (Choose one) :

  • Raita : Curd with Boondi and some spices.
  • Sooji Halwa: Roasted semolina in ghee (  purified butter) with sugar and milk.
  • Kheer (Rice pudding): Rice with dry fruits, sugar and milk.

6.Basic Knowledge of Indian Spices:

  • Gain a basic understanding of Indian spices and their medicinal uses. Some basic spices also will be told which can be used in almost all the dishes.

7. Question & Answer Session:

Have your queries related to cuisine and culture will answered here in this session.

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morning recipes
morning recipes

Meeting with the Indian Family

Cooking with a Local Family To get an authentic experience, you will have a privilege of cooking with a local family, warm hospitality and willingness to share  family recipes and a deeper appreciation for Indian culture and traditions

If you are enthusiastic about learning and sharing, then you can connect with Miss Anju by checking her WhatsApp number at +91-9415455152.

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The Indian Momo
The Indian Momo

What is Ayurveda Cooking?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science that wants to make our bodies and minds feel all balanced and good. And guess what? You can cook in a way that follows these Ayurvedic rules, which is fantastic for our health and feeling awesome!


If you’re planning to explore Rishikesh, consider adding cooking lessons to your itinerary. Not only you will learn to cook  Indian traditional dishes, but you’ll also get to know the health benefits according to Ayurvedic tradition.


Namaste! I am Om. I am a licensed Tourist Guide ( Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India), I’m originally from Varanasi. Now, I am living in Rishikesh. I set up this blog to share my tips and experiences for traveling to inspire and help you to travel more. Hari Om

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