Rudra Meditation Cave at Kedarnath -Facilities -Cost & How To Book

Many pilgrims and travelers keep asking me about Rudra Meditation Cave at Kedarnath -Facilities -Cost & How To Book. Therefore, I have decided to put some essential information through my blog for those who would like to stay in the Rudra cave for spiritual & meditation purposes.  If you are thinking that Rudra cave is a typical Himalayan cave? Here, you are wrong!

What is Rudra Cave?

  • It is an undoubted modern cave. The Rudra cave is the best place for meditation in Kedarnath apart from a tourist destination.
  • This cave run by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) is just 1 km away from the Kedarnath Temple. The cave is facing Sri Badrinath and Sri Kedarnath and are man-made caves using rock boulders, stones & built with wooden doors.
  • The Uttarakhand Government decided to make a cave with modern amenities to honor the visit of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji and later it opens for all visitors,  devotees & travelers.
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Rudra Cave in Kedarnath
Rudra Cave in Kedarnath

What Do you expect?

  • The Rudra Cave is not free from modern amenities, but it lies in total isolation 1 km away from the temple site.  The cave has electricity and drinkable water with an attached toilet and heater.
  • The cave authority serves morning tea, breakfast, lunch,  evening tea, and dinner as per your preferred mealtime.
  • The Room-cave service is 24X7. You can book the cave through GMVN online portal.

The Tariff Per Night

  • The tariff of the cave is ranging from  INR 990 to INR 3000 per night. However, Rudra Cave does not open around the year due to extreme cold.
  • So there are few tourists who opt to stay here. For information, please kindly visit the official website of  GMVN.
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Rudra Cave Uttarakhand
Rudra Cave Uttarakhand

Rules You Must Know

  • The travelers are required to report physically at the GMVN Guptkashi office 2 or 3 days before scheduling the date of booking.  You have to go through a complete medical check-up.
  • Once you are found physically sound and medically fit then you allow to stay in the cave. Only one person can stay in the cave at any given time.
  • The Refunds are not given once the booking is confirmed. Your stay takes place for a minimum of 3 days.
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Some Dos & Don’ts

  • You must be punctual at the time of Check-In.
  • You have to produce a photo ID. at 12 noon the checkout time.
  • Once you go out. You must switch off the heater, geyser, fan, light, and lock the door.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the room.
  • The cave authority does not hold any accountability for any loss.
  •  Alcohol, smoking, and pets are not allowed here.
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