How to reach Mahavatar Babaji's cave

How to reach Mahavatar Babaji’s cave in Kukuchina, Dunagiri, India- This is the route that I followed from Rishikesh:

From Rishikesh take a public bus from the main bus stop to Haridwar. (45 min)

From Haridwar take the night train to Kathgodam which leaves every day at 00h15. There is only one train per day.

From Kathgodam Railway station, take a shared taxi to Ranikhet (4 hours) and from Ranikhet, another shared taxi to Dwarahat (3 hours). The share taxi from Kathgodam up to Dwarahat should be around 250 or 300 rupees.

Once you reached Dwarahat market you’ll need to take another share taxi to Kukuchina (50 minutes) for about 25 rupees. This is the last stop by car. The distance between Darahat and Kukuchina is 19 km and from Kukuchina to Cave 4 km ( 2 km unpaved motorable road & 2 km moderate trek)

From there you will need to walk up the mountain to reach the cave, about 50 minutes. It is not a difficult walk up but you’ll need to go slow according to your capacity since the altitude might affect you.

Where to stay there?

If you are a Self Realization Fellowship member or a Yogoda Satanga Society member you should definitively stay at the Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram which is just 15 minutes walking from the Dwarahat market. From there to reach the cave you just need to take a shared taxi, about 50 minutes ride.

You can also stay in Dwarahat itself. I heard from a group of Kriyabans from the Hariharananda tradition that they were staying in a hotel in Dwarahat for about 800 rupees per night. From there to reach the cave you just need to take a shared taxi which will take about 50 minutes.

Another option is to stay at Joshi’s guesthouse in Kukuchina. It is actually a pretty nice place. There are several rooms but also two beautiful and comfortable cottages.

One more option is to stay on top of the hill, at the Pandavkholi Dharamshala. It is a simple shelter for pilgrims with very basic accommodation but with really friendly people and incredible surroundings.


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