Mauni Baba Gufa and Ashram in Neelkanth Parvat, Rishikesh

Mauni Baba Gufa A Living Gufa in Rishikesh has a very rich story, a culture that relates to Kriya Yoga,  and disciples of Mahavatar Babaji.  Mauni Baba Gufa is very rich in nature & spirituality,  which is situated in the area of Rajaji National park along the bank of Himalayan water streams.  

This place falls on the trail route to Neelkantha Mahadev Temple while chasing trails of the Park from Ramjhula Bridge, the cave comes across on your way at a distance of 5 km behind the Beatles Ashram.

Mouni Baba is the place where Sir M & his Guru Maheshwarnath Ji used to stay near Rishikesh in the Neelkanth Parvat. Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji, who was supposed to be a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. Sri M also has another  Sri Madhukarnath Ji, who is an initiate of the Nath sub-tradition.

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 Biography – Mauni Baba

The cave is a nature-formed cave surrounded by Himalayan trees and famous for bird-watching,  during the winter seasons more than 800 species of Himalayan birds migrate in the park around the cave neighborhood.

The cave is dedicated to a very awakened monk, locally known as Mauni Baba or Mouni Baba, who is no more, passed away many many years ago,  literally, Mouni stands for “ silence “ & Baba stands for “Sadhu“, who observe the silence whole life, till the last breath of life as a path to advance towards spiritual awakening.

Therefore, there are many many Mouni Baba in India but in the Himalayas, in Rishikesh to find such a person is really a delightful and blissful moment for the spiritual seekers.

A Living Gufa in Rishikesh 

Presently, in the cave’s Ashram, there two Sadhus are living, the main Sadhu, is known as Jatadhari Baba, is a kind of Himalayan ascetic, who lives in severe austerity & totally aloof from the mainstream.  

The word Jatadhari stands for the person, who has long hair till the feet and follows a sect of Shiva, is called Shaivism and another one who lives with Babaji is a disciple of him who looks after Ashram.

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A doorway to get in the cave

Features of the Gufa

It is dome type structure, made of solid big rock, fixed on the bank of water streams, surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains and tall trees, filled absolutely with nature.

And, in the structure, there is a very small door to enter, one has to bend at 90 degrees precisely to get into the cave, as you enter, you find a small space with a fire altar for rituals & rites ( Yajana ),  merely 7 to 8 people can accommodate inside.

The cave is totally filled with trans physical energy, and the very place, where Mouni Baba used to meditate. So, today, many of us, go there for a silent retreat with Baba Ji.

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meditation with Mauni Baba
Meditation with Mauni baba

Things To Do at Gufa

Mauni Baba is famous for many things, it is the best spiritual adventure activity in the neighborhood in Rishikesh


the cave is located in the Rajaji Jungle area, the water streams around make the best option, watching birds from the promises of the cave.

It is a natural home for the species of Himalayan birds. You can watch and identify some rare Himalayan birds. Many people come to the cave for watching birds which provides a huge opportunity for birdwatchers.

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Trekking in Rishikesh 

Trek near Rishikesh – It is just a 5  km hiking trail from Beatles Ashram is an easy grade and not moderate. This could be an excitement & nature-filled experience for amateurs.

Rishikesh hiking through the park roads in the midst of lofty tall trees gives a fresh & cool environment around. Mauni Baba has another route that leads to Neelkanth Mahaved  & Bhoothnat Gufa.

How To Reach  Mauni Baba Gufa

It is easy to reach there crossing Ram Jhula Bridge behind the Beatles Ashram or by transport, one has to take more than 3 km long route, after reaching the end of the road, then about 2 km, has to walk uphill to reach Ashram Place.

It is just behind the Beatles Ashram, on the way to Neelkantha  Mahadev Temple Trails.

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