rajpur to mussoorie trek


Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station with mesmerizing views and beautiful climate. It was discovered by captain Young who used this place as the hunting area. Apart from that due to its cool climate people also came here to escape from heat and dust during summer. The nearby towns and cities used this as a path to carry goods. One of the nearby cities is Rajpur. The distance from Rajpur to Mussorrie is 12 km. There are three ways to reach the destination- walking, being carried in a dandy and riding on horseback.


The trekking journey is a huge and time-consuming so always make sure to carry your own essentials. The trekking journey starts from Shahanshahi chowk on where there is a sign showing Rajpur’s rich historical past.  From there, there is a road ascending upwards leading to ‘Panch Kainchi’.  From here it leads to Jharipani which has two toll gates. Crossing the second toll gate you get two boards on the left side. Following this, you get a tunnel. This tunnel was an electric tram service from Rajpur to Mussoorie.  Further trekking uphill you can see the Doon valley. This place is beautiful and captivating. Standing on the valley you can see the Shikar fall below. It is a beautiful place surrounded by nature forming a unique combination of nature, skies, and valleys. Going down the waterfalls you will get a cemented road. 

Rajpur to Mussoorie Trek
Rajpur to Mussoorie Trek

Follow the cemented road straight unless you get a Shiva temple. Five minutes later a walk from Shiv temple leads you straight to Saiyad Baba Mazar. From the waterfalls make sure to follow the cemented road and not leave it till you reach the destination.  Further following we will see any hotels are on display. This place is the famous ‘Halfway House’. It is called so because it is an important landmark between Rajpur and Mussoorie which is the midpoint between them. This place has luxurious hotels offering wine, rum, whiskey with well accommodation facilities for visitors.  Following straight you will get more important landmarks like the Jharipani Bazaar, St. George college and many more.  The Jharipani Bazaar is the last landmark. From there you will get a milestone revealing the distance between Rajpur and Mussorie which is not much far away.


The journey can be tiring and confusing to some because of so many landmarks. So make sure to have some things in your mind:-

  1. Contact a local guide to be safe and not waste your time. The route is confusing and may get troublesome. Also always have a background check on the guide.
  2.  Carry a map and compass if you’re traveling without a guide or traveling solo.
  3. Markdown important landmarks in a small notebook to stay on the right path.
  4. Carry binoculars to enjoy the wildlife of the surroundings.
  5. Carry a camera and extra batteries just in case you do not find local shops for batteries if your camera is discharged.
  6. For the nature lover and especially bird watchers carry a bird book. There is a huge number of birds which are rare.
  7. Carry normal tablets and medicines for nausea, head pain, and vomiting. Although the trekking does not take more than 2-3 hours.

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