Benog hills located in the hill town of Mussoorie are perfectly designed for adventurous beginners to start the art of trekking. It gives a complete sense of exploration out in the hills. It is also suitable for overnight camping as his trek takes you in the lap of the mountains. Although the trekking may take up an entire day the journey is not boring. The entire trekking course is filled up with diverse flora and fauna and lush evergreen forests. This trek also leads to Kempty falls which is the oldest falls in Mussorrie and visited by many.


benog hill
Benog Hill

The Benog trek gets its name from the Benog Mountain quail sanctuary which was established in the year 1993. It is also a popular tourist spot for nature lovers. Birdwatchers can watch a diverse and rare range of birds. Covering an area of 399 hectares the tributary river Yamuna flows through here adding to its scenic charm.


The journey of the trek usually starts from the Clouds end. Starting from there follow the main road, past the Savoy hotel and Modern school till you reach Waverley. Walking 3kms approximately from there you will reach Park Chungi.  Here it is covered with lush evergreen forests. Following the main road, you will reach to Everest Park estate. Once you reach here the actual trekking starts. The Benog Quail sanctuary is not further away. People while trekking mostly visit this place. This quail sanctuary as the name suggests was built to protect and preserve the near bout extinct mountain quail or as it is called there locally as Pahari Bater.

After visiting this you can continue further until you reach the summit of the hill. Although it is difficult to start the trekking at night which most people do, if you don’t you can still view the beautiful sunset. For early trekkers, they get the opportunity to view the sunrise.  Once you reach the summit you can have a view of Mussoorie, Kempty falls. Snow-capped mountains and a wide range of greenery. People visit here because there are many other temples which are visited by the devotees. The trek is an absolute pleasure for adventure lovers.

It is not much danger to do camping at night and has many campsites.  Once you reach their follow the same route for returning back. While returning your journey ends at happy valley after passing Murray Pumping station which marks the end of your trekking journey.


There are certain things you should keep in mind while going for trekking in Benog hills. They are-

  1. The Benog hills trekking can be accompanied by a local guide. However, make sure to check the reviews and have a background check on the guide as well as the tour company.
  2. Carry a topographical map for your own safety. It would be more adventurous if you follow the map rather than the guide to make your trek more fun.
  3. Carry camping bags if you are planning to camp at night.
  4. Carry warm clothes. Although it is not that cold, it is better to carry a blanket as the temperatures drop at night.
  5. Carry medicines for common problems like headaches, joint pains, back pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  6. Carry extra batteries for your camera to capture the joyful moments.
  7. Drink a lot of water and stay dehydrated.
  8. People suffering from heart and lung problems should always consult their doctor first to make sure they are fit to go. The trek can be tedious and tiring.