Mahavatar Babaji Cave: A Walk Through An Abode of Kriya Yoga

It is often said that there are some places in life that you can only go to when some spiritual power calls you and I experienced it more profoundly when I visited Mahavatar Babaji cave. I can wholly say that I have transformed the Mahavatar Babaji Cave: A Walk Through An Abode of Kriya Yoga.

The Birthplace of Kriya Yoga

For a long, I have wanted to visit this mystical cave since this was the birthplace of Kriya Yoga. This beautiful and fulfilling Yoga form was showcased by Mahavatar Babaji himself to Lahiri Mahashaya, who spread the art of Kriya Yoga to the whole world. This iconic and momentous incident gave rise to the popularity of the cave. Yet, every time I planned something or the other came up.

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The Spiritual Beauty of the Cave 

  • The moment I reach this magical place, I felt a special kind of vibration that was swaying me. It was as if something holy was emanating from the earth and was protecting me.
  • The entire area is filled with positive vibrations which make the place eerie at times.
  • The famous cave is located in the Dunagiri mountains. The Dunagiri mountains, as I learned as several sacred places that make the mountains especially alluring and spiritual.
  • It is also the abode of one of the Shakti Peethas, which is situated right beside the holy Mahavatar Babaji tree.
  • The mountains are mentioned in both the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana making this place even holier.
  • It is said that this was the mountain that Lord Hanuman carried when Lakshman was in critical need of some healing herbs. It is also said to be the place where the Pandavas spent their exile.
  • Another place located near the cave is the Sukhadevi temple, which is said to be the birthplace of Lord Bharata.

Brimming Presence of Babaji

The first thing I saw when I reached here was the sheer beauty and the aura that this mountain had. It was almost as if God had places Dunagiri with all kinds of beauty with sprawling meadows, dense forests, and a healing aura that radiated from the many shrines. The entire place was crawling with pilgrims and devotees all in intense meditation.

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Mahavatar Babaji Caves: A Walk Through An Abode of Kriya Yoga
Mahavatar Babaji Caves: A Walk Through An Abode of Kriya Yoga
  • Pandukholi Mountaintop to Mahavatar Babji Cave 
  • A mountaintop trek is about 4  km 1/2 hour high up to Pandukholi from small hamlet Kukuchina and from the mountaintop trek down up to Mahavatar Babaji cave ( 30 minutes ) get a very difficult trek, I got to experience, however, as I started my journey I realized that I had nothing to worry about.
  • It was as if my entire body wanted to embark on this climb. I felt no pain, only determination, and devotion. The feeling is unexplainable and is something that one has to experience on their own.
  • As I reached the cave I was mesmerized to see the pristine cave that dominated the surrounding. Everything was vibrating, and everything was swaying here.
  • I awe-inspired as the entire cave was brimming with positive energy, a kind of energy that flowed into all of our veins and all we could do is sit there and meditate.
  • The tranquillity was so touching, and the entire process seemed to hit our soul and cleanse it.
Pandukholi Temple
Pandukholi Temple Dunagiri Mountain


  • The entire area was quiet, there was complete silence except for the soft purrs of the flowing water & chirping Himalayan birds.
  • The air was so fresh that my lungs seemed to want more and more. It was a pleasant surprise after breathing the dark smoky polluted air of the city life.
  • As we left the cave I could feel a feeling of contentment and satisfaction coming over me. I was happy, and everything around me seemed even more beautiful, from the mountains to the small stream that flowed beside the cave- everything was more alluring.
  • The experience truly made me realize how often we are bogged down by earthly worries and forget to take a break and introspect.
  • The Mahavatar Babaji Caves is the perfect place to head over to and bask in the glorious tranquillity with a dash of fascinating history about the saint.
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Mahavatar Babaji Caves A Walk Through An Abode of Kriya Yoga
Dunagiri Temple

Exploring Dunagiri Temple, Shaktipeeth

  • Before we headed to the magical caves, we took a detour and admired the view of the great Himalayas from the Dunagiri Temple.
  • The simplicity of the temple is something that is so inspiring. The pilgrims and saints here are happy and content with their humble lifestyles.
  • After this, we visited the wonderful and powerful Dunagiri Shakti Peetha, which filled with more than 1500 big ringings bells.
  • I felt my heart with some kind of overwhelming emotion. There is no idol here, the devotees worship a formless Goddess, yet the entire temple vibrated with cosmic power.
  • There are times that I even heard a vibrating sound that just managed to put my heart and mind at ease. It was like the vibrations or powers were penetrating through my body and into my soul.
  • This place was also closed by Mahavatar Babaji for his meditation place and there is no doubt that this was the perfect place to do so. The silence is only an interruption by regularly ringing bells in this temple. 
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Projected Itineraries are as follows;

  1. The Itinerary  of  2 Night 3 Days gives you an idea to make a plan to visit the Babaji cave
  2. For those who want to make a visit with some other places 3 Nights 4 Days then this itinerary will help to chalk out the program.
  3. This is a recommended tour itinerary for those who would like to follow the path of  Paramahansa Yogananda Ji 6 Nights 7 Days.
  4. This itinerary is designed for only Kriya Yogi Pilgrims that follows the footprint of the Kriya Yoga in India 14 Nights 15 Days 




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