Four Unique and Rare Sweets of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for all the bounty of nature but also for the divine taste of its desserts. Travelers come here from far and wide to relish the taste of four unique and rare sweets of UttarakhandSingal, Singori,
Bal Mithai, Arsa.  Bal Mithai is the state sweet of Uttarakhand.

While traveling in Uttarakhand and enjoying the wilderness, wildlife, and the lofty mountain peaks, did you ever think of stopping by at a place where you can have a great time and enjoy some of the delicious sweets? Have you heard of some of the most delicious sweets of Uttarakhand that you have ever tasted?

Uttarakhand Sweet Dishes

Here is a list of the four most famous sweets of the Uttarakhand state of India

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Singal Uttarakhand
Singal Sweet of Uttarakhand

1- Singal

Sel roti is a popular sweet dish from the Pahari region. There are many different versions of Sel roti. One of the most popular versions is the one where it is accompanied by a dry potato curry. In the Pahari areas, Sel roti is a popular breakfast item. The semolina used in the making of this sweet dish gives it a unique texture and taste.

Singori Sweet of Uttarakhand
Singori Sweet of Uttarakhand

2- Singori

Singara is a sweet derived from Khoya and coconut. It is sweetened with sugar and ghee. Unofficial sources say that the name Singori is derived from the word Singwaar which is the Hindi name for the leaf Molu which is used as an additive in Singori. Singori is basically a part of the Kumaoni cuisine and it is popular in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.
Singori is a sweet which is quite unhealthy. It is basically made from Khoya, coconuts and sugar. It has a very distinctive taste.

Bal Mithai
Bal Mithai

3- Bal Mithai

This is a very special sweet dish from Bal Panchayat, which is a village in the Almora district. Bal Mithai is made using khoya, which is coated with tiny white sugar *****. These taste amazing, and those who love sweets to the core are going to love Bal Mithai like anything. Bal Mithai is the state sweet of Uttarakhand.

Arsa sweet of Uttarakhand
Arsa sweet of Uttarakhand

4- Arsa

This super tasty fried dessert is not only popular in Uttarakhand but the whole country. The dish is made of rice flour, jaggery, and dry fruits. In UP, they call it pua while in Bihar and Maharashtra, it is called anarsa; for Tamilians, it is Adhirasam.


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