Uttarakhand Mukteshwar: A Paradise Honeymooner

The beauty of India lies in the little shrines and temples that adore this country. From colossal architectural wonders to tiny shrines- India has it all Uttarakhand Mukteshwar Temples have become synonymous with India, and most of them are truly wonderful. Being a lover of culture, I had visited several temples in India over the years. From traversing the Char Dham Yatra to tiptoeing the Southern Temples- I had done.

Mukteshwar Temple

For a long, I was looking for another small little shrine to visit. Just then I came across the Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple located in the lovely hamlet of Nainital.

This lovely shrine seemed to be calling out to me. After searching and finding the perfect Uttarakhand Mukteshwar destination, I embarked on yet another holy Yatra. Here’s how my enchanting Uttarakhand Mukteshwar went….

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Mukteshwar Nainital
Mukteshwar Nainital

Off & Away

My tour of Mahadev Mukteshwar temple started in the wee hours of the morning. I got ready to head off to one of my favourite towns- Nainital.

As I reached the Nainital a whiff of freshness washed over me. It once again reminded me why I had fallen in love with it. The air at that hilly smell and the trees were smiling to the teeth. Everything was divine and miraculous in a way. It was as if they were waiting for me to come.

I got into my car to head off to the wonderful Mahadev Mukteshwar temple and commence my Mahadev Mukteshwar temple trip. The roads winded into perfectly shaped waves as the trees kept me coming. Slowly my mind drifted to the legends that surround the Mahadev Mukteshwar temple.

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Rappeling in Mukteshwar
Rappeling in Mukteshwar

An Epic Legend Mukteshwar Temple

Every year Mahadev Mukteshwar temple witnesses a horde of devotees who come to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

It is believed that the Pandavas from the Mahabharata had also stayed in this very temple during their exile.

The temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva, but there are a few other deities that are worshipped here. It is about 5500 years old. The town of Mukteshwar itself gets its name from the temple, testifying to the significance of the shrine.

The mythological legend behind the temples says that Lord Shiva killed a demon here. After killing him, he also granted the demon salvation. Thus, the belief started that anyone who comes here in full devotion will achieve salvation.

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A Spiritual Journey in the Himalayas

As my motorbike came to a halt I woke up from my thoughts. I realised that I had almost reached my divine destination. I got out to embark on the trek to the top. The trek is stunning.

The clouds were slowly parting, the trees were hugging each other and the flowers were just blossoming. It was like I was walking towards God’s Abode. The trek filled with a different kind of energy and I couldn’t wait to reach the temple.

The shrine itself is beautiful as the lovely turquoise river just adds another allure. I bowed my head down in devotion. As I bowed down to the white marble linga I felt liberated. It was as if all of the problems had been lifted and I was finally free.

What made me shriek with joy was the view from the temple. The place is absolutely paradise. I saw the ever-beautiful ow-covered Himalayan peaks as the sun slowly shone on them. The golden hue of the sun made the peaks glitter like gold, as we watched in amazement. The scene was serene.

I decided to wait till sunset so that I can view the full grandeur that this tour. As the sun slowly dispersed into a softer colour I could see a scene unfold in front of me. There are times in life when you are unable to move or speak, you just stand in awe- for me that moment was this.

Adventures in Mukteshwar
Adventures in Mukteshwar

An Adventure Galore

After my visit to the temple, I decided to stay another day at Mukteshwar. The next day I woke up to soak in the natural beauty that this town had to offer.

Soon I learnt that this place is the hub for adventure sports. After inquiring around I too tried my hands at sports like rappelling, rock climbing and hiking.

After so much of an adrenaline rush, I decided to engulf the true nature around me and sat in a calling meditation. It was beautiful. It was as if the memories of the temple came back to me as I sat there in remembrance. Instantly I felt tranquillity come over me. I was at peace.

While my trip was short, what I realised is that one can easily fit the right moments into a short trip. No trip is short- it is just about planning it right away!




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