Nainital – Seal an Unforgettable Memory Forever

If you want to visit a place on the earth that seems to be heaven, you must visit the place Nainital in Uttarakhand. This is the place that is bestowed with an abundance of natural beauty and is the choice of couples, family, and friends for vacations to hill stations. Let’s catch some interesting facts and more about Nainital – Seal an Unforgettable Memory Forever.

The beautiful snow-covered mountains and the lush green oak trees in the forests steal away your heart. The wondrous valleys and the pacific lake water refresh one’s mood. Tourists visiting this place never forget the awesome experience they had here. Nainital is such a magical place in Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

The echo of natural abundance in the region is all that makes one’s heart flutter. The breathtaking beauty of Nainital captures the heart, mind, and soul of every individual. The chilled region of Nainital is all surrounded by the almighty Himalayas. The spectacular views of the place mesmerize every tourist who comes to spend their personal time in the lap of nature. Doubtlessly, Nainital is the preferred place to enjoy vacations, holidays, and a couple of times.

Governer's House Nainital
Governer’s House Nainital

The Nainital is Uttarkhand’s famous hill station which is often seen to be crowded by tourists all year, especially during summers and winters. Nainital is also the home of the renowned Naina Devi Temple and the Naini Lake (lake of eyes). There are many other lakes in the chilled town, apart from the above-mentioned one. This is the reason why this place is also nicknamed as ‘Town Of Lakes’.

Nainital is among the places that are most visited by the tourists and the venerators. Apart from the religious and natural values, this is the place of residence of Uttarkhand’s Governor and also the High Court of the state is located here.

Myth Behind Nainital’s lake 

The place Nainital has great importance in Hinduism. The place has its relevance to a Hindu myth related to Lord Shiva and Devi Sati. It is said that when Lord Shiva was carrying the charred body of his beloved Devi Sati to Kailash Mountain, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra and cut the body into 52 pieces. The eyes of Goddess Sati fell down into the lake which came to be down as Nain-Tal, now famous as Naini lake. This sacred lake is a Shakti Peeth, one among the fifty-one in India. The place Nainital got its name after this consecrated lake.

Famous Spots in Nainital 

  • Naini Lake – The sacred lake in the town which has a lot of religious and devotional value is Naini Lake. It is one of the major lakes in the region and is a famous tourist site. Surrounded by Himalayan peaks from the North direction, the sight views from Lake Nainital are breathtaking and awe-inspiring.
  • The Temple of Naina Devi – Few steps away from Lake Nainital is the Naina Devi Temple worshipping the Goddess Naina Devi. It is named Shakti Peeth which is 51 in total in India. Devotees of Goddess Shakti come from all over the country and foreign to bow their heads in front of Devi Naina who is said to be the (eyes of) Goddess Sati. The shrine is considered sacred and is the divine site for which Nainital is known. 
  • Snow View Point – Nainital is a snow region and is famous for the same. Tourists coming from far away come here to enjoy the snow plays. Snow viewpoint is the place in Nainital situated at 2270 meters height from sea level where the views of the snow can be seen. From here only the views of three renowned peaks (Naini peak, Trishul, Nanda Kot) of the region are visible.
  • Kainchi Dham- A famous Ashram, located in between lofty sky-kissing mountains. The famous saint, Neem Karoli Baba, who loved this place for many years, where, the founder of Apple Mr. Steve Jobs spent some time under the feet of Baba and started his spiritual journey in the Himalayas.

Activities to Be Done 

Tourists can enjoy trekking, rock climbing, hiking, ropeway ride, boating in lakes, paragliding, and many more. One can shop from the Tibetan market and Mall Road in Nainital to savor the memories of their trip.

Also, visit other famous spots of the region can make your day. Nainital has a national park, a bird sanctuary and a zoo. Take around to the High Court of the State and Governor Residence located in the city. Savour the taste of Nainital street foods and local cuisines.

Best Time to Make Trip 

Nainital is mostly preferred during summers as it is a hill station and has a chilled climate when it is sizzling hot in other places in the country. One can enjoy the spectacular views of sky-touching mountains, quiet flowing lake water, lush greenery, and rush all around.

Winters are also a choice for those who love to enjoy snow in the freezing cold climate of Nainital as the time goes down to minus. People often make trips in these two seasons and finds the best timing to make a trip to this place. Rainy days are mostly avoided because of the risks (landslides, could bursting, and other calamities) and inconvenience that occurs in Uttarakhand at that time.



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