Udham Singh Nagar “Mini-India” of the Himalayas

Udham Singh Nagar “Mini-India” of the Himalayas is located in the northeast of the country, bordering to the northeast by Tibet and to the southeast by Nepal. This  Himalayan city is also called “the land of industry and agriculture” and geographically, it is a part of the Nainital province.

Origin- “Unity in Diversity”

It is not a very touristy place. If you travel to Uttarakhand for work or study. The concept of “unity in diversity” was born here.  Since many people visit here from different parts of India. The city is creating a different lifestyle and many other activities.

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Pantnagar Agricultural University

  • It is guarded by the stunning Kumaon of the Himalayas, here is the Pantnagar University, dedicated to agriculture and agricultural technology and considered among the best in the world.
  • Many would like to study in this natural environment that has on one side, the Himalayas and another side, Nepal.

The Rudra Kingdom

  • It is interesting to know that for a long time these marshy and poorly communicated lands made human life almost impossible.
  • The brave tribe of Rudra inhabited it for hundreds of years, but it was only in the middle of the 19th century that Rudrapur came to life, and in the middle of the 20th century the history of its development begins, as a result of great immigration from different states of India and also of neighboring countries.
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History & Mythology

  • The gathering of many people from many different religions, professions, and occupations makes the district a “mini-India”. According to a legend, King Rudra’s chariot got bogged down when it passed through Udham Singh Nagar and thus the Rudra king decided to build a temple dedicated to the goddess Atariya, 2 km away from the city. Every year during the Navratras Festivals last for ten days, thousands of devotees gather here for seeking the goddess’s blessing.
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Nanak Sagar Dam
Nanak Sagar Dam

Sikh Gurudwara & Dam

  • If you came to Udham Singh Nagar for work or study, we recommend that you take a little time to visit the surroundings and learn about local activities, culture, tradition, and folklore.
  • For example, you can visit Nanakmatta Sahib Gurudwara, 56 km from the city, on the Rudrapur-Tanakpur highway; It is a Sikh pilgrimage center and a dam on the Saryu river that give a rise to the beautiful lake of Nanak Sagar, or Drona Sagar, the Chaiti fair is the most important festival just after the monsoon and the vistas of the snow-capped peaks of Trishul mountain.

How To Reach

  • Udham Singh Nagar is  254 km from Delhi and well- connected with the railroad- Kathgodam.
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