The Shanti Mantras or The Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals

The Shanti Mantras or The Himalayan Soul Healing ritual is recitation, reading, or chanting in the Sanskrit Language as prescribed in Vedic scriptures is called the Shanti Mantras in Hindu tradition. Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals are equivalent to a recitation of the Mantra for happiness, peace, and harmony.

What are Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals?

The Shanti  Mantras or Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals is a Peace Making Prayers. These Vedic rituals come from  Vedas and their culture. These prayers often perform to heal the environment and living creatures to prevail in peace on the earth. These invocations bring peace,  happiness, joy, and harmony to the life.

The Shanti Mantras or The Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals

The Shanti Mantras or The Himalayan Soul Healing Rituals

What is the Shanti Mantras?

The Shanti Mantras rituals are part of the Holy Scriptures, the Upanishads. The invocations or chanting end with reciting the word “Shanti”  thrice. Uttering the word, the Shanti, thrice, means to take away the difficulties and hindrances to whom it may concern and he or she feels immediate changes in the surrounding environment. According to Vedic traditions, the obstacles or troubles are codified into three categories and  collectively called “Tapa-Traya.”

These obstacles come from the three ways in our lives;

1-      The External Way – Natural disasters and wild animals.

2-      The Internal – Illnesses and Pain

3-     The Non- Physical way – Ghosts and Evil Spirits.

The True Purpose Behind

The recitations of the Shanti Mantra are to calm or pacify these obstacles for the one reciting them and for his or her immediate surroundings. The Shanti Mantra Ritual is a way to brings peace to the body, mind, and soul. The rituals and prayers pacify the agitated body, mind & soul and help to establish harmony within forever.

Vedic Syllables

When the Sanskrit Vedic syllables are repeated during the invocations and recitations turn into the prayers and the vibrations which are emitted by chanting. The objective of ritual to bring the changes in energy biochemically and its frequency and fills the body, mind, and soul with positive energy and spiritual vibes. This ritual also brings the transformation in the inner landscapes where God.

Translation of the Shanti Healing Mantra;

Unto Heaven be Peace, Unto the Sky and the Earth be Peace, Peace be unto the Water, Unto the Herbs and Trees be Peace, Unto all the Gods be Peace, Unto Brahma and unto All be Peace, And may We realize that Peace, Om Peace, Peace, Peace, Om.

The Significance

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