Why Pind Daan at Sri Badrinath Temple?

Pinda Ritual is the holy tribute to the departed soul in the journey to attain salvation from the river of life and rebirth also called Moksha. Sri Badrinath Ji is one of the most sacred places out of 4 places in India. It is the divine abode of Lord Vishnu.  And the devotees often ask me Why Pind Daan at Sri Badrinath Temple? We believe that bathing or taking a dip and performing Pinda Daan purifies worldly sins. So here are some reasonable explanations and the importance of the place.

Sri Badrinath Temple

  • Badrinath Temple and Town are some of the most visited pilgrimage centers by Hindu pilgrims who are anticipated to be there at least once in their lifetime. Lord Vishnu is well known as Lord Badrinath.
  • According to Hindu sacred scriptures and traditions, all the holy center in India is located by the rivers and they make location holy.
  • And, Badrinath is the origin of the 2 holiest rivers of India, which are namely the Alakananda River and the Saraswati River. Sri Badrinath Ji lies in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand and one of the very places where Lord Vishnu mediates.
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Pind Daan Ritual at Badrinath
Pind Daan Ritual at Badrinath

Brahma Kapal Ghat

  • On the right banks of the Alakananda River, there is the sacred spot ( Ghat), which is called Brahma Kapal Ghat. It stands for a stone-paved platform and a series of steps touching the holy water.
  • Hindu devotees and pilgrims take a dip in the bone-chilling river & bathe in it. Because the belief tells that bathing or taking a dip, purifies worldly sins.
  • The place Bramha Kapal Ghat is also a sacred spot for the performance of Healing rituals for the departed soul and the spirits of ancestors.
  • The ritual of Pind Daan is especially performed on the Bramha Kapal river banks only. The holy tribute for the departed souls affirms believers of Moksha or salvation from the Samsara (cycle of rebirth).
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The Pind Daan Ritual

  • Passing down from generation to generation since ancient times by Lord Brahma who first initiated this ritual “ Pind Daan” on the earth, the ritual consists of Pind as the symbolic offerings.
  • A Pind is a rounded ball of rice and barley flour and it mixes with milk and honey and dotted with sesame seeds. When the performers or Hindu priests officiate this ritual for the departed soul and ancestral spirits, the devotees make themselves seven Pindas.
  • The ritual of Pindas are said to give assistance to the departed soul in the journey to attain salvation from the river of life and rebirth, also called Moksha.
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