Rafting Grade And Rapids on the Ganges in Rishikesh

There are many river rafting in Rishikesh starting points, rapids &  grades on the Ganges of Rishikesh. Do you think, you should know before booking rafting? River rafting is one of the most desired water sports adventures in Rishikesh. Swiftly –flowing in the Ganges Rivers offering a thrilling experience to its participants.

Rafting in Rishikesh

The Ganges rivers flow here through the Himalayan Mountains, villages, temples, forests, and sometimes even along sandy beach slopes.  River Rafting Grade And Starting Points that you must know before planning to book the river rafting in  Rishikesh.

Prices of Rafting in Rishikesh

The prices of Rafting vary according to distance and the service providers,  the price of rafting in Rishikesh rage from 400 to 1500 depends on distance and number of people.

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Ride-On The Ganges of Rishikesh

  • Riding on the rafts over the flowing waters rapids of the river Ganges in Rishikesh is an electrifying adventure activity in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Rapid-flowing Ganga river, temple, mountains white waters, cliff jumping, swimming are the awesome moments you create here.
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White River Rafting- Adventure Activity in Rishikesh
White River Rafting- Adventure Activity in Rishikesh

Rafting Starting Points

  • Here, in Rishikesh, there are diverse rafting points that are stretched up to Kaudiyala 36 km from Rishikesh but the most famous rafting trip starts from the Shivpuri, which has 5 challenging rapids and easy level of difficulties. But you can opt as per the available time, distance, and price of the rafting trip.
  • Choosing the rafting trips between simple or expert (difficult) levels –You have to opt to negotiate fast-flowing waters and strong river currents or to raft on gently flowing waters along the hillside or just to have a fun rating trip with the family.
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Kaudiyala river rafting
Kaudiyala river rafting

The Grade of Waters 

  • In the Garhwal region, there are two giant rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, which are the chief tributaries of the river Ganges and they join each other at Devprayag, the origin of the Ganga river, located about 80 km away from Rishikesh.  And the Grade of waters is IV to V in respect of difficulty.
  • The Kaudiyala (36 km long trip) rafting, where your raft tossing in the turbulent waters of the Ganges. The rapids waters trip continues till Marine Drive ( 24 km long trip ) from where you get small turbulent in the waters up to Shivpuri, from Shivpuri ( 15 km long trip ) up to Bramhapuri, there are 5 rapids and Bramhapuri to Rishikesh ( 7 km long trip ) is the slow-rapid flowing waters, an ideal for the family rafting.
  • These two stretches ( Shivpuri and Bramhapuri ) are absolutely safe for beginners and families. Here, in Rishikesh, all rafting trips are being conducted by licensed private rafting agencies & trained rafting guides by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN).
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  • Bramhapuri – 7 km distance rafting trip up to Muni Ki Reti ( Rishikesh) / Suitable for the family
  • Shivpuri – 15 km distance rafting trip up to Muni Ki Reti ( Rishikesh) / Easy level difficulty
  • Marine Drive – 24 km distance rafting trip up to Muni Ki Reti ( Rishikesh) / Moderate level difficulty
  • Kaudiyala – 36 km distance rafting trip up to Muni Ki Reti ( Rishikesh) / Strenuous Level difficulty
River Rafting in Rishikesh
River Rafting in Rishikesh

Safety Mesures  & Season for Rafting

  • Rafting in Rishikesh, choosing rafting trips from Shivpuri & Bramhapuri is absolutely safe for non-swimmers as long as you have a life jacket & taking care of all the safety measures as per briefing of your trained & expert guide, there is nothing to fear. Shivpuri is the chief hub in Rishikesh for beginner-level white river rafting.
  • Best Season – From 1st November and 30th June every year
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