Rishikund-The Holy Water Tank at Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh

Everybody loves to travel and if not they should still definitely do it to find solace or refresh their minds.  But few of us know that Rishikesh is a hidden gem of Uttarakhand. There are many attractions that are still unexplored such as Rishikund-The Holy Water Tank at Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh

  • Traveling alone or traveling with our friends and family always seems pleasant and a necessity at some point in life.
  • Whereas most people like to travel for fun some also like to visit religious areas especially in Rishikesh to maintain peace and have a gentle environment along with their family.
  • And the Rishikund is the most sacred water tank that you have to visit there once in a life.
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Meditation in the Morning at Rishikund , Triveni Gaht Rishikesh
Meditation in the Morning at Rishikund, Triveni Ghat Rishikesh

Rishikund – The Holy Water Tank 

  • Rishikund is a beautiful tourist spot in Rishikesh. It is located near the Triveni ghat and is considered to be holy. Rishikud is said to be blessed by the Yamuna river and hence the river is considered to be holy.
  • The most exciting part about this location which makes it so popular is the presence of Raghunath temple ten steps away. The Raghunath temple is said to be dedicated to Lord Rama and Sita.
  • It is believed that the visitors can clearly see the image of the temple in the water which makes it a popular tourist attraction.
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Rishikund - The Holy Water Tank at Triveni Ghat, Rishikesh
Rishikund – The Holy Water Tank at Triveni Ghat, Rishikesh

Nearby Attractions

If you are visiting Rishikund you should make sure that you also visit these nearby areas as they are too breathtaking.

  • The two famous temples Lakshman temple and Bharat Mandir are located near it.
  • Rajaji National Park located near Rishikund is famous for bird watching.
  • If we visit in the month of Malmas (which comes once every three months) a special religious activity called Malmas Mela is performed for the Hindu devotees. Various activities like fasting, Bhagvada Bhakti, worship are some of the things included.
  • Triveni ghat which is located 0.1kms away from Rishikund is also a very major tourist attraction area. It is a must-see spot located in Rishikesh. It is called the Triveni ghat because it a conflux of rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswathi.
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  • Laxman Jhula is a hanging bridge made up of iron which is another crowd pulling the spot. It is 3.9kms away from Rishikund.
  • Tera Manzil Temple is a complex temple of 13 floors dedicated to all the Hindu gods and goddesses. Although it is 5 km away from Rishikund it is worth the distance.
  • Although a lot more temples and tourist attractions are present there were some among them. Rishikund is a very popular tourist spot for devotees and religious people.
  • It helps people to loosen and relax their minds. It is a must-visit for every believer to increase their religious faith and beliefs.
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