Brahmatal Lake – A Winter Trek in Chamoli District- Uttarakhand

  • Trekking to Brahmatal Lake. According to Hindu Mythology, it is a very place, where  Lord Brahma meditated, there are only a few treks are possible in the winter seasons when most of the trekking routes of the
  • Uttarakhand Himalayas are covered with heavy snowfalls but this trek route remains open during winter seasons for trek lovers to enjoy the Brahmatal LakeA Winter Trek in Chamoli District– Uttarakhand.

Lohajung Village – A Doorway To the Himalayan Medows

  • Lohajung is a small tiny Himalayan village and widely popular as the base camp for the  Brahamatal. This small village is full of great legends and mythological significance.
  • When you go for a trek to Brmhatal, you must stay there with locals to learn more about the mythological importance of this Himalayan hamlet.
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During winter Brahmatal Trek
During winter Brahmatal Trek
  • The local tales say that the goddess, Parvati ( Shiva’s Wife) killed the demon Lohasur at the very spot where the Lohagunj Village is built, This is the reason this village is known as the  Lohajung.
  • The Loha stands for demo and Jung stands for battle. Others, however, say that the name of the village due to the long and intermittent rains observed in the village that causes all metallic ( Loha )objects to rust ( Jung).
Why This Trek?
  • You get a glimpse of the village culture, traditions, and beliefs through these legendary stories. Brahma is a very good winter season trekking option.
  • The enchanting vista of the  Himalayan snowy ranges of the peaks when you are on the trail to Brmhatal. There are some of the many reasons for chasing this trek route.
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Lohajung camps During winter Brahmatal Trek
Lohajung camps During winter Brahmatal Trek
  • The BramhaTal is the glacial lake and you can spot it at an elevation of 3180 m. The trek path is completely covered with snow in the winter season and is a great trek for snow lovers.
  • And, from the lake, there are some enchanting peaks of the great Himalayas are visible such as Trishul, Nandaghunti, Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi, and Ghoda peaks.
  • While trekking to Bramhatal Lake, the  Roopkund Trek Routes will appear as soon as you board this trek route with some majestic vista of  Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal & Junargali.
  • Most part of the trek route will pass through the jungle of conifer, Cedar, Oak, and Fir, which gives you a forest bath with some soothing experience in the months of winter.
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Brahmatal Lake - A Winter Trek in Chamoli District- Uttarakhand
Brahmatal Lake – A Winter Trek in Chamoli District- Uttarakhand
The Best Time -Brahmaatal Lake Trek
  • Hence, Brahmatal does not attract a lot of crowds, so, it remains uncharted by tourists and trekkers lovers, and the best time to go on the trek are-1-  Winters – December to March;  2- Spring/Summer – April to June;  3- Autumn – October to November.

Our Recommendation

Brahmatal Trek is the best during the winters as you will find all the way complete climb routes covered with a blanket of untouched snow. I think that in Uttarakhand, there is no other trek that you will offer such majestic vistas of the bountiful mountains and massifs of the Himalayas.

Location -Brahmaatal Lake Trek

Location: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand, India
GeoCoordinates: 30.1769929 N,79.5871179 E
Altitude: 3240 m/10630 ft

Where & How To Reach

  • Lohajung, District Chamoli Uttarakhand; Trek base on motor route. Nearest Rail station: Kathgodam is 220 Km from Lohajung.
  • Haridwar is 280 Km from Lohajung. Nearest Airport: Delhi – 480 Km from Lohajung. Dehradun – 275 Km from Lohajung.
The Brahmatal Lake Trek Itinerary
  • Day 1  Arrive in Lohajung (7,650 ft)
  • Day 2 Lohajung to Bekaltal (9,900 ft) – 6 km
  • Day 3 Bekaltal to Brahmatal (10,600 ft) – 5 km
  • Day 4 Brahmatal to Brahmatal Top (12,650 ft) & back to Brahmatal – 13 km
  • Day 5 Brahmatal to Lohajung – 11 km
  • Day 6 Depart from Lohajung
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