Ranikhet Visiting Places – A Serene Town In The Lap Of Nature

Ranikhet weather makes Ranikhet a ‘Paradise of Nature lovers’. And Ranikhet Temperature  is awesome  –“The one who hasn’t visited Ranikhet has not visited India.” It is famous as ”  Ranikhet Visiting Places- A Serene Town In The Lap Of Nature “

The most demanding hill station is Ranikhet from Nainital.  a snowy town embraced with plenty of natural scenes. During summers, this cool hamlet is jampacked with visitors. If you’ve not visited it yet, do plan your next trip to Ranikhet India  –  this awesome cool town upgraded by the Mahavatar Babaji Cave.

Natural Vistas

Ranikhet is a beautiful settlement based in the mountains of Kumaon. Surrounded by snowy sky-touching mountains, beautiful valleys, tall pine and oak trees, lush green land, curvy streams, and beauteous ancient old temples, Ranikhet is indeed a perfect hill station spot to enjoy the chilling moments during the sizzling hot seasons. There is plenty of accommodation at Ranikhet Hotels.

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Golf Course Ranikhet
Golf Course Ranikhet

Ranikhet Visiting Places

  • Bhalu Dham – It is a lake surrounded by forestes land, famous for picnics or days out.
  • Golf Course – A perfect place for a day’s leisure activity
  • Haidakhan Ashram Ranikhet – Religious site, It is believed that Babaji is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, the temple was erected by Haidakhan Babaji, is the best temple to pay a visit in Ranikhet.  Hidakhan Babaji Ashram Ranikhet is the most visited Temple in Ranikhet.
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  • Jhula Devi Temple – It was built in the 8th century, the temple is devoted to Goddess Durga and is famous for the cluster of gracefully designed hanging bells.
Lake in Ranikhet Uttarakhand
Lake in Ranikhet Uttarakhand
  • Kumaon Regiment Museum – The museum hose war artifacts & historical importance
  • Mankameshwar Temple – It is devoted to Shiva and is the most famous temple of Ranikhet Hill station.
  • Chaubhatiya – Chaubhatiya is famous as ‘The Fruits Garden of Uttarkhand Government’. It is about 10 km from Ranikhet. The fruits cultivated in the garden are apples, apricot, plum, and peach.
  • Forest Healing Centre-  Ranikhet has the first India forest Healing center
  • Sky- Gazing – The most powerful spiritual activity
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Ranikhet Paddy Fields
Ranikhet Paddy Fields

Ranikhet Tourist Places

The must-visit places nearby Ranikhet are –

  • Pindari Glacier – Pindari glacier is the place from where the Pindari river originates. Pindari glacier is a must-visit spot in the Kumaon region.
  • Kausani – Kausani is a beautiful region that can conveniently be reached from Ranikhet. This place gives wonderful views of Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Panch-Chuli Kausani is a popular tourist spot in the state.
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Gujar Dev Temple Ruins, Dwarahat
Gujar Dev Temple Ruins, Dwarahat
  • Mahavatar Babaji Cave- It is about 60km far from Ranikhet, the cave is widely known as the birthplace of Kriya yoga where Mahavatar Babaji appeared to revive the ancient techniques of yoga.
  • Dwarahat –  The Dwarahat is a small town, piercing about 1500m from sea level but it is very rich in culture and traditions. The town is famous as the city of temples in Uttarakhand due to the witness of many temples, dating back to the 10th century.
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  • Dunagiri Temple –  Dunagri is the Shaktipeeta and is devoted to the goddess Dunagiri ( Goddess of Shakti ). The temple is located on the way to Mahavatar Babaji cave before Kukucchina village in Dwarahat.
  • Pandavkholi –  It is an Ashram cum temple lived by Sadhus & Sanyasi, about 3 km trekking distance from the Kukucchina village. The place has mythological significance, where Pandavas ( the mythological character ) spent some time during their exile
Ranikhet Forest Healing centre
Ranikhet Forest Healing center

Myths Behind

  • Well, there are many stories related to this place that goes back thousands of years ago. It is said that the place Ranikhet was named after Rani Padmini, the queen of Raja Sukhdev who was the ruler of this region back then. The couple was so much allured with the beauty of the place that they both decided to settle in Ranikhet.
  • There is another similar story of a queen who was on her trip. As she crossed by Ranikhet, she was deeply mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this region and decided to stay overnight here.
  • But later she built a residence in this place and moved permanently. At that time, the site was covered with small fields (khets). Based on this, this place got its name – Ranikhet.
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Sky-Gazing in Ranikhet
Sky-Gazing in Ranikhet

 Best Time To visit Ranikhet

Well, all seasons are good to visit Ranikhet, but the best season to visit the place is between March to June when the weather is normal. If you want to visit Ranikhet during winter, the best time would be between September to November.

Ranikhet Distance From Delhi

Ranikhet from Delhi is not very far by road, It is about a day road trip from Delhi to reach Ranikhet via Nainital Neem Karoli Baba Ashram.

By Road-  Delhi To Nainital, about  300 km from Nainital to Ranikhet measures about 80 km.

By Train-  New Delhi Railway Station to Kathgodam Railway station and then after road drive up to Ranikhet approx 100 km 3 hr.



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