India’s First Forest Healing Centre in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranikhet forest healing center– India’s First Forest Healing Centre in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand has been created by the  Uttarakhand Forest Department after a long research on the healing, and properties & advantages of the forests and their regenerating effect on health and well being. The forest healing center is one of the unique kinds of activity in the modern lifestyle to reduce stress and depression.

Ranikhet Forest Healing Centre

  • Ranikhet forest healing center is located at Ranikhet in the Kalika Uttarakhand state of India. It sprawls over an area of around 13 acres in a Pine-Dominated Forest.

Ranikhet Forest Healing Centre- Benefits

  • It is an ancient Indian tradition and that basic theme of Indian philosophy – be silent, go slow, think less, and feel more.”
  • The research says that forest healing stimulates good hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, creating a happy mood and the Uttarakhand government is making some efforts to ease this activity for benefit of health purposes.
  • Because, the typical tree-emitting molecule vibration patterns regenerate good hormones by just tree-hugging, walking, strolling & meditating.
Ranikhet Forest Healing centre
Ranikhet Forest Healing center

Advantages of Pine Trees

It is a pine-dominated forest healing center. The various studies reveal that Pine trees release certain oil compounds to defend themselves from many microbes and pathogens, which are called scientifically phytoncides. The latest researches disclose that these compounds are multiplying and increasing natural killer (NK) cells in our blood, which help the body in fighting infections and cancerous growth and enhance overall immunity.

Ranikhet Pine Tree Forest
Ranikhet Pine Tree Forest

Things to Do

  • Forest Walking – There are many trails that lead you in the deep forest of pin trees.
  • Tree- Hugging  – Tree Hugging is a natural activity to connect deeply with nature
  • Forest Meditation – Meditating in the midst of the pine-forested land is the wisest spiritual activity you ever experienced here. is distinct from traditional meditation. It is not a system of controlling thoughts or bringing awareness. This mediation is an immersion of oneself in the silence of nature
  • Sky-Gazing- Ranikhet is famous as a sky-gazing destination in Uttarakhand. What we call Trataka in Indian Yogic philosophy.
Sky-Gazing in Ranikhet
Sky-Gazing in Ranikhet

Entry Fee

The entry fee is free for all visitors. There is no need to have advance booking to visit Forest Healing center. Only, on-stop registration will be required by producing Identity Proof.


  • Moving in the Group 
  • Talking or Chattering
  • Mobile Phone & Camera 
  • Eating / Littering 

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