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Importance of Licensed Tourist Guide- The tourist guide is a professional figure “tourist guide” explains, illustrates and recounts the historical, monumental, artistic and landscape attractions, as well as the resources of the territories, visited, accompanying individuals or groups. It, therefore, has the purpose of transmitting historical and artistic information, making known and appreciating what each monument represents, the various works of art, the ancient archaeological remains, museums, art galleries, and every other tourist attraction.

What is the Tour Guide?

In general, the tour guide does not range with his work, around the world, vice versa, specializes in certain areas, perhaps those of residence, which best knows and for which it is in possession of professional qualification. This is why they are also called “local guides“. The regularly authorized tourist guides are registered in a special register, so that they can be contacted by tourist agencies, tour operators, private and public bodies, to give support to tourists arriving, often and willingly in the group. He, therefore, provides so-called “incoming” service, paid by tourists at the time of the travel contract stipulated in the agency and paid according to the regional tariff or after an agreement closely linked to his working relationship with the service producer.

The Profession of a Tourist Guide in Rishikesh

This profession according to the framework law on tourism is included among the “tourist assistance professions”, together with the tourist guide, the tourist interpreter and the tourist animator. To be able to practice the profession and then show his card, he will first have to demonstrate knowledge of historical, artistic, geographical, landscape and economic elements of the territory with references to the neighboring localities inherent to the region where he is qualified. It is not excluded that the tour guide can specialize in more areas. To obtain certification in another region, the guide already enabled must do nothing else but keep informed about the exit of the new tenders organized by the provinces and study well the chosen area. The Internet is now the best channel to keep informed about the various calls.

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