Why you should hire a local tour guide at a place, there are some 10 key ideas you should be considered before looking for a destination guide as follows:

1- Learning & experiencing local history and other aspects of the local social system. 1.1 Favourite history tours

2- unfold hidden 7 every single detail and traditional stories about a destination

3- Explore & experience, the local food culture & eateries of a destination

4- Supporting the local community by hiring a local guide

5 discover less visited and least known places of a destination

6- Get a chance to interact, local people,

7- Make your travel safe & honorable having a trained licensed guide

8- Empowering to local life to slow down the migration of the place

9- Getting a fresh & new perspective of life by hiring a local tour guide

10- Save your most valuable time by scheduling the place of interest and skip the line

Almost every single individual would love touring either cultural, adventurous or leisure tour. Now, in the contemporary lifestyle world, people love to visit an ardent destination like Himalaya, especially Garhwal Himalaya of northern India  to just get an eye-soothing  view of the nature such as animals, plants or vegetation, valleys, rivers, and other water bodies system, the ecosystem  as well, and, mountains to take away the experience of the place.  However, it never happens without the help of local tour guides who have assimilated the local life and culture of the place. The local tourist guide takes the tourist from one place of interest to another place of interest.

They are learned, professional, trained & equipped with deep knowledge about locality and how to deal with a sudden created unfavorable moment at visiting places. They have living knowledge of the local lifestyle, cultures, traditions and all aspects of religious & political behaviors of the society in order to make your visit unforgettable & memorable in the Garhwal Himalaya, particularly in Rishikesh, tour guides dealing with all the aspects of spiritual, religious and wildlife ensuring that the visitors experience as many as possible within the time scheduled time frame. They are trained cultural and adventurous local tourist guide focusing every minute’s details about the local life and culture of the place.


You don’t just get anybody to be your local tour guide if you wish to make it full of excitement & memorable whether adventure or cultural tour. Therefore, you are advised that you do enough research by online what kind of guide you need & how where to him/her.