Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Cost: How To Book

Triyuginarayan Temple wedding cost is a minimum of INR 50, 000. Triyuginarayan temple wedding booking cost may vary and depends upon the wedding type. The sanctified shrine of Trigyuginarayan is located in the Rudraprayag district of  Uttarakhand.

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package

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Triyuginarayan Temple

The Triyuginarayan Temple is close to Kedarnath Dham, which is famous in the town of the same name.  It is a famous wedding place for couples, where Shiva got married. This shrine has a spiritual & religious background story behind it. Let’s unfold the story of the revered Triyuginarayan Temple. Now, It is becoming famous as A Divine Wedding Place For Couples-Triyuginarayan Temple.

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding – Uttarakhand is the home of hundreds of holy abodes. Each has a mythical relevance closely related to the Hindu religion.  Uttarakhand is called the Divine Land on Earth at the temple sites, there are many small shrines that invite people to wed around the holy fire where Shiva married.

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Triyuginarayan Temple Decorated for Wedding Ceremony of Gupta Brothers.
Triyuginarayan Temple Decorated for Wedding Ceremony of Gupta Brothers.

Distance from Gauri Kund 

  • Triyuginarayan to Kedarnath distance – It is stationed 14 km away from Gaurikund near Kedarnath, the famous Triyuginarayan temple is a renowned shrine of Lord Vishnu.
  • Triyuginarayan, also Trijuginarayan is the place where this divine temple lies and indeed is the holy spot where Shiva and Parvati became a married couple.


Many Hindu devotees who are on their visit to Kedarnath come to pay their respect to the divine lord in this temple. Triyuginarayan is surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks and a serene ecosystem all around.

It is situated on the downside of the hill, the Triyuginarayan temple seems to be similar to that of Kedarnath Dham in terms of design, structure, and architecture.

People have a lot of faith in this temple because of its association with the sacred wedding of Shiva & Parvati, the parents of Ganesha and Kartikeya. This is the reason why this temple is famous as a sacred shrine to conduct weddings.

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The beautiful wedding at TRIYUGINARAYAN

The Story Behind the Ever-Burning Fire

Triyugunarayan is the place where the cosmic wedding of the three-eyed Shiva and Gauri was held here. The wedding was witnessed by Lord Vishnu and all the sages.

The sacred fire around which is the witness of their marriage ceremony and they took the marriage oath encircling the holy fire.

The fire burning inside the temple is the same holy fire that still burning in the same flame for three epochs since the marriage of the divine couple. This burning fire is present in the temple even today.

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Triyuginarayan village Uttarakhand
Triyuginarayan village Uttarakhand

About Triyuginarayan Village

Triyuginarayan is a small beautiful village in the Rudraprayag that is settled 1,980 meters above sea level. The measurable distance of the village from the holy abode of Kedarnath is approx 25 kilometers.

The blissful-peaceful village is nestled in the cold shelter of the Himalayas. The place is totally pollution-free, unlike hardcore city life.

What’s inside the shrine?

  1. Triyuginarayan temple has another name Akhand Dhuni Temple known for the ever-burning mystical fire pit which still has the flame.
  2. The temple houses a 2 feet tall idol of Lord Vishnu with the Goddess of wealth Laxmi, and the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati.
  3. The temple complex has four Kunds or tanks constructed for different purposes known as Brahma Kund, Vishnu Kund, Rudrakund, and Saraswati Kund.
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How to reach Triyuginarayan Temple

The place is well reachable through roadways. Taking a cab, taxi or bus is the easiest means of transport available on this route. If you love to enjoy a trekking experience, you can go for it as well. Enjoy the views of the beautiful snowy mountains and valleys. You can get to the location in no time.

The Best Time To Visit

Keeping in mind the climate and the weather of this place, the preferred time considered best for visiting this wondrous temple is between the months of May and November. People visiting the temple are mostly the peregrinators of the Kedarnath pilgrimage.


The minimum amount of the wedding cost of Triyuginarayan temple is Rs.50,000 and above. The cost of the wedding is decided on the basis of the number of guests, the number of days, the duration and type of wedding ceremony, and many other criteria. The cost may vary from couple to couple and also depending upon the number of guests.


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