Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Cost?

The cost of a wedding at Triyuginarayan Temple is at least INR 50,000. However, the actual cost of booking a wedding at the temple can vary depending on the type of wedding being planned. The sacred Triyuginarayan Temple is situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, India.

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package

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Triyuginarayan Temple

Couples consider the temple a popular wedding destination, believing it to be the actual site of Lord Shiva’s marriage. The Triyuginarayan Temple possesses profound spiritual and religious importance, enhanced by a captivating backstory that contributes to its appeal. In recent years, the temple has earned renown as a sacred wedding venue for couples..

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Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding

Weddings at the Triyuginarayan Temple in Uttarakhand are just one of the many holy experiences that the state has to offer. Uttarakhand is home to numerous holy abodes, each with a rich mythological significance that relates to the Hindu religion.

Often referred to as the Divine Land on Earth, Uttarakhand boasts several temple sites where smaller shrines surround the main temple, beckoning couples to take their wedding vows around the sacred fire, just as Lord Shiva did. The Triyuginarayan Temple is one such place that provides a truly unique and spiritual wedding experience

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Triyuginarayan Temple Decorated for Wedding Ceremony of Gupta Brothers.

Triyuginarayan Temple


The Triyuginarayan temple is highly holy among devotees due to its association with the holy marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati, who are the parents of Ganesha and Kartikeya. Many people hold deep faith in the spiritual powers of this temple. So this temple is considered a sacred shrine for conducting weddings.

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The beautiful wedding at TRIYUGINARAYAN

Burning Fire

The Triyugunarayan Temple is the auspicious site where Lord Shiva, the three-eyed god, and his beloved consort Gauri had their cosmic wedding ceremony witnessed by Lord Vishnu and numerous sages. The holy union between the couple took place around a sacred fire, which continues to burn within the temple to this day.

It is believed that this is the same holy flame that has been burning for three epochs since the divine couple’s marriage. The sacred fire serves as a reminder to visitors of the holy union that took place at the temple.

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Triyuginarayan village Uttarakhand
Triyuginarayan village Uttarakhand

Triyuginarayan Village

This village sits at an altitude of 1,980 meters above sea level. Triyuginarayan is a picturesque village sits in Rudraprayag. The serene village sits amidst the cold shelter of the Himalayas and is free from pollution, offering a peaceful atmosphere in contrast to bustling city life.

What’s inside the shrine?

The Akhand Dhuni Temple, also known as Triyuginarayan Temple, is famous for its ever-burning mystical fire pit that still has a flame. The temple features a 2-foot-tall idol of Lord Vishnu accompanied by the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi, and the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati. Additionally, the temple complex comprises four tanks or kunds, each constructed for a specific purpose, namely, Brahma Kund, Vishnu Kund, Rudrakund, and Saraswati Kund.

How to reach

The place is well reachable through roadways. Taking a cab, taxi or bus is the easiest means of transport available on this route. If you love to enjoy a trekking experience, you can go for it as well. Enjoy the views of the beautiful snowy mountains and valleys. You can get to the location in no time.

The Best Time

Keeping in mind the climate and the weather of this place, the preferred time considered best for visiting this wondrous temple is between the months of May and November. People visiting the temple are mostly the peregrinators of the Kedarnath pilgrimage.


The minimum amount of the wedding cost of Triyuginarayan temple is Rs.50,000 and above. The cost of the wedding is on the basis of the number of guests, the number of days, the duration and type of wedding ceremony, and many other criteria. The cost may vary from couple to couple and also depending upon the number of guests.


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