nagtibba trek near mussoorie

NAGTIBBA TREK NEAR MUSSOORIE is a trek for the delight of adventurers and trekkers. In the range of Nag Tibba of the Garhwal Himalayas, this has the highest peak.  The Nag Tibba provides stunning views of some famous peaks along with its rich diversity in flora and fauna.

nagtibba village view
A distance village view


The most fascinating thing about the Nag Tibba trek is that you can climb upside from one side and climb down from the other side.  It is even possible to reach the bottom of Nag Tibba by jeep. the journey is huge but each step is a lot of fun.

Nagtibba Peak Trek in Himalayas
Trek to Nag Tibba Peak

DAY 1:-PANTHWARI:– To start the trek you have to reach Panthwari which is the starting point of this trek. To reach Panthwari you need to start from Dehradun via Mussoorie, Kempty falls on the road to Purola. The route from Panthwari is the shortest. To reach there you need to stop at Khaitan which is 4.5 km away from Panthwari. From Khaitan, you need to move on a cemented trail which later gets replaced by stony hills after crossing Nag Devta temple. After walking for 10 mins you will get a road following a steep trail. There is a total of three crossings. At the final third crossing which takes 15 mins to reach you reach to Panthwari village.

trkking trails
Trekking trails Nag Tibba

DAY 2:- TO NAG TIBBA BASE:- After reaching pathway from the third crossing you will find a connecting ridge to Nag Tibba behind you. following this trail through the steep zigzag roads and forest cover you can locate the Nag Tibba base. The Nag Tibba base is identified by the landmark which are two patches of small land you get after all the steep roads. It takes around 1 hour to reach to Nag Tibba base from the landmark. You can enjoy snow-capped mountains and rich forest cover here.

DAY 3:-TO NAG TIBBA:-after the base you need to follow the steep mountain path to reach the summit. The snow-covered mountains make the trek more difficult. It is better to have a guide with better information so that you do not lose your way. Gradually as you continue the trail you can see the trail getting curvy. While ascending upwards look for the Nag Tibba flag on the summit.  From the left, you can get stunning views of the Himalayan range of Swargohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikanta, and Gangotri. All of these peaks look like they are carpeted with snow above them. Continue walking on this curvy road until you see a downhill slope. This marks that you have reached the other side of the mountain.

DAY 4:- RETRACING BACK:– Travelling downhill it only takes 1 hour to 45 mins to cover the distance. While you are descending try to move along the stream. This stream takes you to a clearing called Moriana.  This is a beautiful desolate area. The stream flows here on one side with the shepherd’s huts on the other side all encircled with green meadows and forests. after Moriana follow the stream again which leads you to a dense forest. After a walk of 1.5-2 hours in the forest, you reach Bhatwadi village.  Continue following the main road avoiding other small routes which will leave you in confusion. Once you reach the entry gate for Bhatwadi village it marks the end of the trail.

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