Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha- The Best For Family Treks

Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha Bugyal Trek Route is located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas is a moderate trekking trail that offers you majestic views of the peaks of the Himalayas. Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha trek route is suitable for beginners and anyone with a moderate level of fitness.  

Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha lies at an elevation of about 3965 meters above sea level, this trek has gentle slopes avoiding narrow ridges. Apart from the panoramic views of the mountain ranges, it is blessed by the view of the Kedarnath Peak & Trekking Trails.

Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha distance

The trek to Panwali Kantha may appear long but runs smoothly. It starts from Mala village and ends with a strenuous climb uphill of Ghuttu.

From Malla village, your actual trekking starts. You have to trek Malla village to Belak through dense woodlands, hamlets, lush meadows, and enormous varieties of alpine trees.

Reaching Belak, the trek gets tricky. You need to turn towards Budakedar at 1,525 meters from Belak and continue a steep climb up to Ghuttu.

The trek is divided into days because it may take 5-7 hours trek to reach one destination.  The trek from Ghuttu continues being steep until you reach the summit.

Upon reaching the Panwalikantha you will see the wide expanse of hanging glaciers and greenery all around.  It is all one experience. You enjoy the greenery of the grass as well as the snow of the glaciers along with the scenic beauty.

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Panwali KanthaPanwali Kantha is one of the most expansive alpine meadows in Garhwal Himalayas
Panwali KanthaPanwali Kantha is one of the most expansive alpine meadows in Garhwal Himalayas

Nearby Attractions 

Panwali Kantha is popular amongst the tourists for trekking. Many couples, friends, families, and tourists visit this area. There are many other activities which can be done here.

TREKKING:-Trekking is the sole purpose for which people visit here, the scenic beauty, moderate trek, the evergreen environment is a blessing to the eyes. As the climb follows gently it is a perfect experience for amateurs.

CAMPING:– Camping is allowed at Panwali. The treks are long and camping is done along the way to revive energy. Camping at night amongst nature gets pleasant and everlasting memory.

SIGHTSEEING:- Tourists and people who are a fan of nature’s beauty often go for a trek to Panwali. It offers grand views of the Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath peaks, and Himalayan ranges. Trekking your way through the alpines, rippling small streams, deodar trees and hamlets rejuvenates your mind.

On reaching the summit you are completely surrounded by the surreal beauty of Himalayan peaks and terraced fields of meadow all around.

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Ghuttu Village - Ghuttu - Panwali Kantha Trail Uttarakhand
Ghuttu Village – Ghuttu – Panwali Kantha Trail Uttarakhand


The Panwali trek starts after you reach Rishikesh. The nearest railway station to reach Panwali is that of Rishikesh and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun. Once in Rishikesh reach Mala passing Uttarkashi to begin your Trekking journey.


Surrounded by the hills and nature’s creation this place is not suitable to be visited throughout the year. It is avoided during monsoons and winters.

The favorable time to visit Panwali Kantha Trek is during the summers from April to June. During the summers the temperature is moderate and all the snow is mostly melted off making the journey less risky.

Also, the month from September to November before the start of winter is also suitable. During this time the meadows are covered with bright, vibrant flowers with Rhododendron all around.

This feeling of freshness drives you to reach the summit and enjoy the endless vicinity of its beauty.

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