A Week of My Life at Osho Ashram Rishikesh

I attended a 7-day meditation class in Rishikesh which is the home of Osho. The Osho Ashram  Rishikesh is a rustic meditation ashram, nestled on the banks of River Ganga, but just a few miles from Laxman Jhulla and 15 minutes motor drive from Tapovan of Rishikesh.

Osho Rishikesh in Ashram

I was on a meditation course at Osho Ashram  Rishikesh and this is what I experienced after taking it.  Rishikesh Osho Ashram is Ideally located in Brahmpuri, this authentic meditation destination is convenient for people who wished to discover more about meditation through its workshops or those who simply want to relax surrounded by the serene atmosphere of its natural settings.

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Cafetaria at Ashram
Cafetaria at Ashram

Osho Rishikesh Ashram Kitchen offers organic fresh food with lots of love. Pure vegetarian meals are served, which you can enjoy within their dining hall or on the outside lawns from where you’ll have a gorgeous view of the Ganges.

I won’t say spend a few days at Osho Gangadham Ashram Rishikesh, but rather invest a few days of your life to let the healthy food and the quiet surroundings re-energize your being. The holistic schedule will allow you to gather your thoughts and let out all of your negative energy.

Meditation Hall at Osho Gangadham Ashram
Meditation Hall at Osho Gangadham Ashram

With a variety of cultural and relaxing experiences, Rishikesh has near-infinite things to offer those who want to unwind and get away from their daily stressors. Add some serious chill time to your next bucket list since the options for both food and activities are numerous due to this heavenly city’s proximity to nature.

The Buddha Field Spiritual Center is a power spot for anyone who wants to contemplate anything from the big picture of life to their own inner pain. With the numerous outdoor areas, there are plenty of meditative vibrations that will help you find your center.

Not only do they provide ample space outside but there are multitudes of spaces inside too, which include specially designed rooms for you to explore your spirituality regardless of what that may mean for you. Think about it as one big sanctuary.

They have a particular room specially designed with your children in mind, so if you want to experience meditation or conscious living with your little ones by your side, then this is something definitely not to miss out on when visiting here.


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