Secret Waterfall: Rishikesh’s Best Waterfall: Walk this way!

The advantages of the Secret waterfall trek in Rishikesh include feeling like you are the only people at said location and when there, nature’s bountiful treasures, including sites that give you a valley river to savor which really helps to make your day awesome because gorgeous natural sights can sometimes take your mind off things apart from regular places to visit in Rishikesh

If you take the trail after dark, be sure to come prepared with a warm jacket or some additional layers of clothing, as animals might be encountered – so before heading down to Rishikesh hike through caves either at sunrise or sunset depending on which one you choose. Why not embrace it?

The Secret Waterfall at Night

Rishikesh, the heavenly city of India is loaded with beautiful and stunning wonders that one can visit anytime. Waterfall trekking in Rishikesh at night may seem to be risky but it is enjoyable for those who are looking for an adventure. There are lots of amazing places which you can explore by taking the help of expert guides.

Waterfall Trek at Night

  • Why? because the waterfall trek has the most scenic valley river trail and is just half an hour’s distance from the local market. Thus the night trekking is almost safe up to Rudra waterfall from Tapovan, Rishikesh.
  • It’ has been never easy for me to choose the best waterfall trekking at night in Rishikesh because it depends on subjective and is limited to each person’s experience with the waterfalls being listed as the best waterfall.
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Mahadev Cave Tapovan Rishikesh
Mahadev Cave

Here are the Top 6 Why You should visit The Secret Waterfall Rishikesh & Mahadev Cave 

Those who come to Rishikesh to thrill in waterfall even though in the Mansoon time, The Secret Waterfall Rishikesh & Mahadev Cave are the best for every kind of travelers even though the senior citizen too and it opens around the year with easy access even though in the heavy rain.

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Secret Waterfall Valley
Secret Waterfall Valley

1- Hike After Dark

This out-and-back trail offers a magnificent experience along with the river valley.  The trail is safe and well beaten by the visitors and you will usually take 40-50  minutes, at night, you won’t feel too isolated when you hike after dark.

During hiking, you follow the river which is a  spot for birding. As you trail to the waterfall, take breaks and enjoy the nature around you. On a clear night, you millions of stars in the sky.

2- Easy To Reach – Valley River Trail

You can enjoy a stunning view of the valley by hiking up to the Mahadev Cave. The chance to dive into the cave meditation under the mighty Himalayas with the gurgling sound of the valley river beneath makes the experience all the more enthralling.

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Tapovan of Rishikesh
View of Tapovan of Rishikesh

3- The Water is  Clean Even Though Under Rain

Often the waterfall is known as Rudra waterfall due to the small temple of Shiva adjacent to  Falls, the river which makes the fall that originates from Kunjapuri,  so,  the river flows down through no-man lands, thus water is clean also holds religious significance and is a famous stop en route to the nearby Shiva temple.

4-Hot- Spot of Biodiversities

The dense lush green forests of Shivalik Himalayas surrounding the valley river and fall are a hotspot of biodiversity, making the trail a fascinating site for both nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, butterflies, fireflies, and moreover, often the route is beaten by birders.

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Above the Secret waterfall - Mahadev Cave
Above the Secret waterfall – Mahadev Cave

5- Opportunities To Experience

You will have the opportunities for hiking, trekking, village walk and nature walks making this waterfall a paradise for adventure lovers. You can also bathe and swim in the large pool formed by the fall or simply undress the stress in the serenity and natural beauty.

6- Mahadev Cave Hike

While you are here, don’t forget to take a jungle hike up to the cave in order to lose the stress in the cave formed by nature as its airs are infused with Himalayan herbs and believed to possess healing powers.

Waterfall Trekking Cost in Rishikesh

Waterfall Trekking Cost in Rishikesh depends upon the size of the group and the type of difficulty and distance. Normally the cost ranges between INR 500 to 1500.

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