Places to visit near Badrinath: What to see after Badrinath temple?

Mystery and mythology make Badrinath temple very  important destination. It’s important to know the places to visit near Badrinath and must understand that during the winter months. The temple becomes inaccessible at Badrinath.  So, Sri Badrinath Ji dwells in the Narsingh Temple at Joshimath (Jyotirmath) during winter months.

Opening and closing  of Badrinath temple uncovers by high priests on pious dates. It is important to know the appropriate time to go to explore the places around Badrinath.

The Route:

Our journey began from our hotel in Joshimath at around 7 am, with November’s chill enveloping us in multiple layers of woolen sweaters and bomber jackets. As our vehicle traversed the winding roads, the character of the mountains underwent a transformative shift.

The landscape was dominated by grey rocks jutting out against the backdrop of the azure skyline. Midway through our journey, we reached Govindghat, a pivotal starting point for treks to the revered Sri Hemkund Sahib and the enchanting Valley of Flowers.

Here are 5 divine places to visit near Badrinath.

1- Tapt Kund: 

Upon reaching Badrinath, our journey led us to Tapt Kund. It is a sacred thermal spring lies at the entrance of the shrine. As one of the holy places to visit near Badrinath, Tapt Kund beckoned us with its promise of spiritual rejuvenation and physical purification.

The warm waters of Tapt Kund, infused with the healing properties of sulphur, are believed to possess the power to absolve devotees of their sins. Bathing in its soothing embrace is not merely a ritual but a deeply ingrained act of faith, symbolizing purification and renewal.

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Tapt Kund Badrinath
Tapt Kund Badrinath

The area around Tapt Kund is with enclosures for women’s convenience, ensuring all pilgrims can easily participate. As we crossed the footbridge over the tranquil Alaknanda River, we were greeted by the majestic mountains in the backdrop, enchanting us with their spellbinding presence.

2- The Badrinath Temple: 

Our journey then led us to the revered Badrinath Temple, a testament to timeless devotion and architectural grandeur. Perched at an altitude of 3133 meters above sea level, amidst the awe-inspiring peaks of the Himalayas, the temple stands as one of the Panch (Five) Badri, revered as the abode of Lord Badri Vishal.

Temple complex offered us a sense of profound spirituality. Aas devotees, we lined up for darshan, seeking blessings from the divine deity. The temple facade, crafted from stone with graceful arched windows, bore witness to centuries of devotion and reverence.

Inside the temple, the divine presence of Lord Vishnu, worshipped in the form of a Shalagram idol, radiated an aura of serene majesty. Surrounding the main deity were idols of other Gods, each adding to the sacred ambiance of the temple.

3- Charanpaduka: 

Located approximately three kilometers from the main temple. Charanpaduka holds a mystical allure for pilgrims visiting Badrinath. The journey to this holy site unfolds amidst breathtaking vistas of the surrounding glaciers, captivating the senses with its serene charm.

Ancient tales speak of Lord Shiva and Parvati finding a child here, whom they lovingly embraced as their own. When they returned from bathing in the river, they found the temple doors locked from within, indicating the presence of Badrinarayan. He then revealed his true form and invited them to Kedarnath.

In addition to Charanpaduka, pilgrims have the opportunity to explore other temples in the vicinity of Badrinath.  Each steeped in mythological lore and religious significance.

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Bramha kapal Badrinath Temple
Bramha kapal Badrinath Temple

4- Mata Murti Mandir:

The divine mother of Nar and Narayan. Mata Murti Mandir hosts an annual fair in September, drawing devotees in celebration of Shravan Dwadashi.

5- Brahma Kapal:

Situated on the banks of the river Alaknanda. The Brahma Kapal serves as a sacred platform for performing propitiating rites for deceased ancestors. The nearby seasonal lakes and the boulder bearing the impression of the legendary snake Sesh Nag. The site is attracting visitors with its natural beauty and spiritual aura.


As we immersed ourselves in the sacred ambiance of Charanpaduka and explored places to visit near Badrinath. We were reminded of the enduring legacy of devotion and faith that has transcended generations. The temple site offers solace and inspiration to all who seek divine blessings in the holy land of Badrinath.


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