Pithoragarh: A Three-Day itinerary for Adventure Seekers

Pithoragarh lies  178km from Nainital, the enchanting town of Pithoragarh beckons with its scenic vistas and cultural treasures. Tucked away in Uttarakhand, this gem is adorned with temples dedicated to Shiva and serves as a gateway to Himalayan peaks like Panchachuli and Nanda Devi. Whether you’re seeking sanctuary amidst nature or a glimpse into history, Pithoragarh promises an unforgettable adventure.

Day 1

Morning: Begin your exploration with a visit to the historic Pithoragarh Fort. Built by the Gorkhas in the 18th century, this monumental structure offers commanding views of the surrounding landscape, especially captivating during sunrise and sunset. Next, find serenity at Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple, steeped in legends of sage Kapila’s spiritual presence.

Afternoon: Shake off any postprandial lethargy with a trek to Chandak Hills, boasting panoramic vistas of the Soar Valley. Along the way, discover the ancient Mostamanu Temple and rejuvenate by Bhurmuni Dafaali Waterfall’s cascading beauty. Conclude your afternoon with a poignant visit to Maharajke War Memorial, honoring the heroes of the Battle of Maharajke.

Evening: Return to Pithoragarh town for a hearty meal and perhaps a session of stargazing, before retiring for a well-deserved rest.

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Pithoragarh India
Pithoragarh India

Day 2

Morning: Rise early for a scenic 52km drive to Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary, a haven for diverse Himalayan wildlife. En route, pay homage at Dhwaj Temple, steeped in mythological significance. Spend the morning exploring the sanctuary’s varied ecosystems and trails.

Afternoon: Venture further to the quaint hill station of Didihat or return to town to visit Arjuneshwar Temple, where legend has it that Arjuna meditated to appease Shiva.

Evening: Conclude your day with a visit to Nakuleshwar Temple, a testament to devotion and spirituality. Wind down with a leisurely dinner and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Munsiyari Village Uttarakhand
Munsiyari Village Uttarakhand

Day 3

Morning: Begin your final day with a mystical journey to Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave temple in Gangolihat. Marvel at the intricate limestone formations, shaped over centuries, and immerse yourself in the cave’s ethereal ambiance.

Afternoon: Continue your spiritual odyssey with a visit to Thal Kedar Temple, steeped in reverence and history. Embark on a serene hike along the Bhagirathi River to reach this sacred site.

Evening: Before bidding farewell,  indulge in some souvenir shopping at Cinema Line, Purana Bazaar, or Simalgair, where you’ll find a delightful array of local crafts and mementos.

Where To Stay

Choose from a range of accommodations including The Plaza Hotel, Hotel Manar, the Pine Resort, the Green Village Eco Resort Jageshwar, or the cozy Black and White Café and Homestay for a comfortable stay.

Getting There

Access Pithoragarh via Naini-Saini Airport, Tanakpur train station, or interstate and private buses and taxis, ensuring a convenient journey to this picturesque destination.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q. Pithoragarh to Haldwani Distance

A, The distance from Pithoragarh to Haldwani by road is approximately 186 kilometers.

Q. Almora to Pithoragarh Distance

The distance between Almora and Pithoragarh by road is 116 kilometers.

Q. Pithoragarh Flight

The approximate cost for a direct flight between Dehradun and Pithoragarh is INR 4198/- to 6300/- for one-way travel for adults. Please note that this flight operates only on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Q. Pithoragarh Market

For shopping enthusiasts will find a variety of options to explore. From the bustling streets of Simalgair and Naya Bazar to the vibrant hubs of Dharamshala and Siltham, the town offers a range of shopping centers. Here, visitors can discover beautifully crafted brass items, cozy woolen garments, and a plethora of decorative pieces, including Aipan designs, woven baskets, and traditional masks.

Other treasures include Pichhauras, clay idols, and colorful rugs blending Kumaoni and Tibetan knitting art. With its rich array of offerings, Pithoragarh’s markets promise an unforgettable shopping experience immersed in local culture and craftsmanship.

Q.Pithoragarh Airport

Pithoragarh Airport (IATA: NNS, ICAO: VIPG), also recognized as Naini-Saini Airport, is a domestic airport catering to Pithoragarh and the Kumaon division in Uttarakhand.


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