Mala Village Stay - Marine Drive in Rishikesh

Mala Village Stay – Marine Drive in Rishikesh

Mala Village is a small helmet, located near Rishikesh, at a distance of 25 km, and it is famous for rafting as the starting point of Marine Drive in the Garhwal region of the northern state of Uttarakhand. Which is situated at an average elevation of 1000 m. The mountains of the Himalaya & the river Ganges together make it a very spiritual & adventurous spot with a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains, gurgling mighty sacred Ganges river nearby village and neighborhood filled with nature’s beauty, considered to be a perfect place for nature retreat around Rishikesh.

Marine Drive is a part of the Mala village, basically, it is known as a marine drive because it has a mountain trail along the Ganges river an ideal spot to do a half day-long rafting / 4 hours from Marine Drive to Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh

Earlier, there were so many beach camps at Marine Drive but after the intervention of NGT, the Uttarakhand Government has banned to set up camp along the beachside. The rafting from Marine Drive is not easy because of the 3rd-grade rapids, and also chilled water of the Ganges makes all these things more exciting and full of adventures.

Farming in the Mala Village in Rishkesh
Farm Stay in Rishikesh

The Mala village offers several adventures points for the trekkers such as half-day trek, full-day trek and many more. While exploring the Mala Village I found a Kitchen, about 2 km off from the Badrinath Highway, across the river Ganges, is the suitable location for the peace lover people, the café is known as Sri Durga Kitchen Café, it is totally organic café, the owner Mr. Mohan Singh Rana grows all the vegetable surround area and serve very fresh meal to his guest. Apart from Café, he is also keen to take tourist for the trekking nearby villages for half-day, full-day & overnight as well. He offers an overnight to his guest in the typical Himalayan village, where they can have an awesome experience that can take away with.

Mala Village Stay - Marine Drive in Rishikesh
Sri Mohan Singh Rana, The owner of the Sri Durga Cafe Mala Village

The Things to do

Rafting – There are basically three points for the Rafting in Rishikesh,

  1. Marine Drive 24 km ( from the Mala Village Rishikesh Himalaya)
  2. Shivpuri 15 km, is small hamlet now, known for the adventures lovers.
  3. Bramhapuri 7 km, is the shortest rafting point, is the best for the family activity.

Hiking – Hiking along the bank of the Ganges at Mala Village is an unforgettable experience you can have while visiting in Rishikesh. Ganga Beach of Rishikesh has many points from where you can start your own trail into mountains nearby Rishikesh.

Trekking – in the neighborhood of Mala village, you can have at least more than 10 options for the trekking in the Himalaya, whether village trek, waterfalls trek, nature trails, moderate trekking, high-level trekking or the family trekking

Farming – If you are on a family trip in Rishikesh with kids, and have a wish to do all together by involving kids then none is better than organic farming in the Himalaya, this activity gives you a real organic feeling to you and your family. And the Sri Durga Café offers this kind of activity, where you get the directly fresh organic vegetable and can cook yourself with family a full enjoyment and experience you get from Rishikesh.

Yoga & Meditation – Again I suggest to you Sri Durga Organic Café for the Yoga & meditation overlooking the Ganges in the midst of Himalaya, chirping birds and silence of nature, nothing can be so soothing like yoga & Mediation here.

Camping – Camping is an another best option to be close to the nature of Himalaya her in Rishikesh but unfortunately camping has been a place for the night party where you do all rubbish what you do in the metropolitan city, It has been so much commercialized that there is no single inch space for the nature lover. It is better to do it by yourself or you can go to Sri Durga Café because there is allow only nature lover and eco-compatible person.

Homestay – Homestay is the best medium to explore the Himalayan cultures and traditions here in Rishikesh, you get always a chance to live a very close life with the host.

Village Stay / Farm Stay– Village Stay is the greatest option in Rishikesh to experience local & organic consciousness of the place. We offer the village stay by heart nearby Rishikesh

How to Reach

Rishikesh is well connected to the motorways, Airways, Railways so. It has a super advantage to be so close to the capital city of India.  There is no dearth of transport for the Rishikesh.

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