kunjapuri temple sunrise trek

Kunjapuri Temple Sunrise Trek

Kunjapuri temple sunrise trek is loaded with full of excitement & an adventurous escape With sunrise vista in the Himalaya, is located atop 1645 meters from the sea level.

Attractions :

  • Kunjapuri Temple
  • Waterfalls
  • Trek in the Himalaya
  • Barkot Village Visit
  • Sunrise Meditation.
  • USD 30 per person

    Minimum 2 Person

Kunjapuri Temple Sunrise Trek


The Kunjapuri Temple sunrise trek – With sunrise vista, you immerse profoundly in a majestic and boundless picturesque panorama of the manifolds Himalayan peaks. During sunrise, far-reaching countless Himalayan mountaintops unfold the divine aura of the Himalaya. The temple is located atop 1645 meters from the sea level, an oldest temple in Kunjapuri Village, is blessed by God of the Himalaya, and it is considered to be protector of Kunjapuri Village near Rishikesh . During the Kunjapuri temple sunrise trek, here you can spot some important Himalayan peaks of Uttarakhand namely Monkey Punch (6,320m) peak, Swarga Rohini (6,248 m) peak, Gangotri (6,672 m) and Chaukhambah (7,138 m) peak in the north and in the south Rishikesh & Haridwar along with the Doon valley.

Detailed Itinerary

The Kunjapuri Temple sunrise trek starts early morning around 05:00 AM in the winter season and around 04:00 AM in the summer season those who travel from Rishikesh, takes about 1 hr. in private taxi to reach Kunjapuri Temple. After temple sunrise trek of Kunjapuri than you start trek 14 km back to Rishikesh through the Himalayan forest, along with natural water streams, natural waterfalls, and Barkot village. You will arrive in Rishikesh in between 12: 00 PM to 01:00 PM.

Note The roads are zigzag & twisted. So, those who have motion sickness problems, please kindly carry the proper medicine to avoid any problems.

Trek Pick Up point:- From Guest Location in the morning, Rishikesh
Trek Ending Point:-To Guest Locations in the afternoon Rishikesh
Trek Duration:- 7 hr roundtrip
Trek Distance:-Trek 14 km back to Rishikesh
Best Time to Visit:-Sept Mid to April Mid.

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