Vipassana Dehradun: My Experince

As I walked through the gates of ” Vipassana Dehradun” I could feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. The entire campus was surrounded by lush greenery and the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers. I was greeted by the smiling faces of the volunteers who welcomed me to the center and showed me to my room.


The room was simple but comfortable, with a cozy bed and a small table for my belongings. There were no distractions, no TV, no internet, just a serene atmosphere that was perfect for meditation. I was given a brief introduction to the rules and regulations of the center, and I was informed that I would need to observe noble silence for the duration of the course.

Over the next ten days, I learned the technique of Vipassana meditation, which involved observing my breath and body sensations to develop self-awareness and understanding. It was not an easy journey, and there were moments of discomfort and restlessness, but the support and guidance of the teachers and volunteers made it easier to persevere.


The vegetarian meals provided were simple yet delicious, and I appreciated the emphasis on healthy, wholesome food. The days were filled with meditation sessions, lectures, and group discussions, all geared toward deepening our understanding of the practice.

As the days went by, I could feel a change within me. My mind was clearer, and I felt more centered and focused. The sense of calm that I had experienced upon arriving at the centre had now become a constant companion.

On the final day of the course, we were allowed to break noble silence, and it was heartening to hear the stories of transformation and growth from my fellow meditators. As I bid farewell to the centre, I knew that I had gained a valuable tool for life.

Overall, my experience at the Dhamma Salila – Vipassana in Dehradun was transformative and life-changing. If you are considering embarking on a Vipassana course, I would highly recommend it but be prepared for a challenging yet rewarding journey.

Things You Need to Know

Vipassana is a meditation technique that was taught by Gautama Buddha over 2500 years ago. The word Vipassana means to see things as they are. The practice of Vipassana meditation involves observing one’s breath and bodily sensations to gain insight into the true nature of reality.

  • Vipassana center

There is a Vipassana meditation center in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, which is open to the public. The center offers 10-day residential courses in Vipassana meditation, where participants learn the technique and practice it in a structured and supportive environment.

  • Vipassana Course

During the course, participants follow a strict schedule of meditation, with around 10 hours of meditation per day. The course is conducted in complete silence, with no communication allowed with fellow participants or the outside world. The aim is to create a conducive environment for deep introspection and personal transformation.

  • Facilities 

The Dehradun Vipassana Center provides accommodation and vegetarian meals for the duration of the course, and there is no charge for attending. The center is run on a donation basis, with participants free to give whatever amount they feel appropriate at the end of the course.

Overall, Vipassana meditation is a powerful tool for developing clarity of mind, compassion, and inner peace. The Dehradun Center is a great place to learn and practice the technique in a supportive and peaceful environment.

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Walk Alone at Vipassana Meditation Course. November
Walk Alone at Vipassana Meditation Course. November


  • Vipassana Dehradun Registration

I first finished my Vipassana Dehradun Registration formalities online and registered myself for the 10-day course. Before heading up to my room I was asked to deposit both my mobile and wallet. Life with our mobile was going to be a challenge.

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Vipassana Meditation Centre Dehradun
Vipassana Meditation Centre Dehradun

Some Rules

  • Here are some rules that one must follow while in the center:
  • No talking to anyone- complete silence
  • No eye contact
  • No walking together
  • No alcohol, cigarettes
  • No exercises, no stretching, and no other forms of Yoga
  • No other form of mediation no religion, no talismans like rings or crystals


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Dehradun Vipassana meditation center
Dehradun Vipassana meditation center


How to Reach Vipassana Dehradun

It lies in the Doon Valley in Uttarakhand in Dholos Village by the  Noon River.  Is about 10 km from the center of the Dehradun Clock Tower.

Dhamma Salila – Dehradun Vipassana Centre
Village Jantanwala, near Dehradun Cantonment
Near Santala Devi Mandir
Dehradun 248001

Tel: (0135) 210-4555, 271-5189

T S Bhandari
16 Tagore Villa, Chakrata Road, Dehradun-248-001.
Tel: (0135) 271-5189, Fax: 271-5580.

Naresh Gupta: Tel: 265-3366



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