Dehradun to Mussoorie Ropeway

Dehradun to Mussoorie Ropeway, the beautiful hill station, will soon be connected to Dehradun, the capital city, via ropeway. The ropeway project is one of the longest in the world and will reduce travel time between the two destinations by 10 to 15 minutes.

The ropeway is being touted as one of the biggest and most innovative ropeways in the world. It is anticipated that the ropeway will have a huge impact on tourism in the state, increasing foot traffic and boosting the economy. The ropeway will be able to accommodate 1000-1200 people at a time, making it a convenient and popular mode of transportation.

This ambitious project

The project will begin at ISBT, the railway station, and the airport in Dehradun. It will also alleviate parking issues in Mussoorie, which are especially bad during peak season. According to reports, two parking areas will be designated near Jaypee Hotel and PWD.

Few Facts

Length of the ropeway: 5.5 km
Travel Time: 16 minutes
Terminal stations: 2
Cabins: 53 (both sides)
Seating capacity: 8 (one cabin)


The ropeway will help reduce pollution in the hill station, as vehicles create a lot of pollution. The cable car will be an added attraction for both destinations, and it can operate in both rain and snow. This means that travelers can easily travel during heavy rains or snowfall without any hassle.


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