Chopta Tungnath Trek Tour from Rishikesh

Chopta Tungnath Trek from Rishikesh – takes place between two small peak Badrinath and Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, from which there are wonderful views of the Himalayas. Chandrila is the peak at an altitude of fourteen thousand feet, after a steep climb of about two kilometers from Tungnath. The beautiful Himalaya is seen from this peak. This trekking is a bit tricky but at the same time funnier.


Trek Deoriatal 3 km

Deoria-Chopati Rohini in Bugyal,

Fourth day-Chopta Circuit

Fifth day-Trek Chopta -Tungnath-Chandrila peak-Chopta

On the first day

We were very excited to start the first day of our trekking by light snacks all morning. Today we had to trek ten km. Upon raising, you can adorn the green eyes of Nicholas. After trekking three km, we planted our tent there and made a plan to rest. What was the second day we had to do a lot of rubbing, for which a lot of sleep is needed?

On the second day

Devariyatal-Chopta Rohini Bugyal, the other day we all had a light breakfast, and on the next floor, we came to the circular circuit. During this, we reached Rohini Bugyal. There are many shops for drinking. That’s why we had breakfast here..and then there, she made the idea of resting her tents. We all were enjoying this trekking tremendously. We also had a lot of fun during this time.

On the Third Day

Chopta Circuit The next day Rohini Bugyal we had breakfast and we had to reach the circular circuit. Chopta’s beauty was making us all crazy, here in the damp wind in the air, and the scent that was wrapped with ropes was refreshing your body and soul. We here experience a special peace and happiness between mountains and nature without any obstacle or stoppage.

On the Fourth Day

In Chopta Circuit, we all went out to Tungnath. There is a huge temple of Maha Dev Shiva in Tungnath, where people come from distant places to visit the shrine. We rested here for a while and then left for Chandrila trek. After reaching the peak of the Chandrashila, at that point, it was very difficult to make words that were found to be infinite happiness. We reached the top of the moonlight in the afternoon. Here we have fun with the groups, clicking the photos. After a little fun, we went back to Chopta again. By the evening, we had all returned to the Chopta circuit.

On the fifth day

On the fifth day, all of us had to go home, during this trek, many strangers had become our good friends, the trekking was over, but during this trekking, I had made new friends with many new memories. And then we all got out of our own house.

Keeping these things in the mind while trekking to the Chandrashila – this trekking is a bit difficult because tourists have to climb a steep road. It sometimes rains, due to which the slippery increases from the bottom. – Do not forget to keep a bottle of water at the time of trekking.

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