Bageshwar Temples: The Path Where Gods Live

Bageshwar Temples: The Path Where Gods Live

The pious and sacred city of Bageshwar is known for not just its scenic beauty, but all for its temples. This little town located in Uttarakhand is truly filled with some of the most magical temples in India. Cuddled in the land of Himalayas, Bageshwar truly fills like a paradise. Away from the busy city and into the lap of nature, these temples truly feel like abodes of peace and spirituality.

If you ever visit Uttarakhand then visiting the Bageshwar group of temples is not only a holy experience but it is also life-changing. With strong historical roots and deep cultural heritages, these temples receive hordes of tourists and pilgrims every year. Here is an account of the lovely Bageshwar Temples and their history:

Bagnath Temple
Bagnath Temple


The temple is dedicated to the Blue Throated Lord– Lord Shiva and was built by the Kumaun King Laxmi Chand. Even though the temple is said to have been made in 1450 A.D, an inscription inside the temple carries a verse in Sanskrit from an earlier date.

The Bagnath Temple especially receives hordes of devotees and tourists during the Shravan months and Navaratri. During these times the temple gets a life of its own. There are lights, prayers, rituals and celebrations all day long. The devotees throng the place and at that time it feels as if Lord Shiva himself is partaking in the festivities. Such is the beauty of the Bagnath Temple.

The entire area around the Bagnath Temple is covered with small shrines that make this place even more heavenly and pious. Some of the popular temples in this area are;

1- Bairava temple 2- Dattatrey Maharaj 3- Ganga Mai temple 4-  Hanuman temple 5- Durga temple 6-Kalika temple 7- Thingal Bhirava temple 8- Panchnam Junakhara 9- Vaneshwar temple.

Bagnath Temple’ Location

At the very place that the lovely rivers Gomti and Saryu meet as if they are long lost lovers stands a huge temple. It almost seems as God had come down to build this temple to bless the union of these two rivers.

The Bagnath Temple is located in the holy city of Bageshwar, as it stands with pride with its conical tower. It is part of the many temples located in Bageshwar. Yet, it is definitely the most poignant of the lot. It is nestled amid the great Himalayas, and you will feel as if peace has descended upon you. What elevates this temple from the rest are the Himalayas. With such scenic and serene locations, it truly feels like the Abode Of God.

Baijnath Temple An Ancient Shiva Temple
Baijnath Temple An Ancient Shiva Temple


After visiting the Bagnath Temple, your next destination in the Bageshwar Temple Trail will be the Baijnath Temple. This awe-inspiring Temple is a complex that houses several other smaller shrines inside it. Located in the left bank of Gomti, you won’t be able to miss the sheer grandeur of this.

Once you reach the temple you should first visit the main temple which is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. To access this temple you have to climb a flight of stairs. It almost feels like a stairway to heaven.

After that just before you reach the main temple you will find another shrine of Bamani. It is just below the house of Mahanta. Many stories surround the origin of this temple. Some state that it was built by a Brahmin widow in the devotion of Lord Shiva. Another story says that a Kshatriya had kidnapped a Brahmin woman, and this temple was built for Shiva to erase her sins.

Once you are inside the temple you will find a humble idol of Shiva. The walls are devoid of any inscriptions yet you will holy the moment you step inside it.

Inside the temples, you will find idols of Shiva, Ganesh, Parvati, Chandika, Kuber, Surya and Brahma. These are the deities that are mainly worshipped here.


During Mahashivratri, the temple livens up with hordes of pilgrims who come to offer their devotion to Lord Shiva. If you step outside the temple complex you will see a pristine lake filled with fishes called the Golden Mahaseer. These fishes are meant to foster and fishing is not allowed here. Pilgrims and tourists can often Aata and chana to these fishes.


One of the last temples of the Bageshwar Temple trek is a stunning temple dedicated to Goddess Chandika. This temple is located about half a kilometre from the city of Bageshwar.

This little shrine is humble yet has a strong positive vibe inside it. The conical-shaped roofs just give the temple more of an aura and it feels as if positive energy is being radiated all the time.

The place completely changes during the Navratras, as the idol is dressed up and pilgrims come here in huge numbers. The entire place lights up as the festivities begin.

Bidding Adieu

Visiting these wondrous temples that form the Bageshwar group of temples is truly a mystical affair. You will find yourself more at peace as you move from one temple to another. These temples have a lovely effect of instilling a feeling of tranquillity within you and you will truly feel your problems and worries flying away!

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