Anand Lok Ashram and Temple, Sirasu Village- Rishikesh

Anand Lok Ashram & Temple are perched on the left bank of the Ganges in Sirasu village near Vashisht cave an elevation of 900 mt from sea level, just about 30 km far-off from the famous town Rishikesh in the Uttarakhand state of India.

The Temple of Shiva is very beautiful and holds a scenic garden with several followers that makes this temple stunning and serene in Sirasu village.  The architecture of the temple is built in pagoda-styled that looks very ancient but it is a new temple with old Himalayan architecture.

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Anand Lok Ashram Rishikesh
Anand Lok Ashram Rishikesh


  • The Ashram is sprawled on several acres in Sirasu village, near Vashistht cave on the  Rishikesh Badrinath Highway. The ashram is famous as a retreat center, having specialization in conducting yoga and meditation retreats.
  • The Ahram is the best for those who are looking for a remote place & moreover on the bank of the Ganges, is best suited for them.
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Garden Anand Lok Ashram, Sirasu Village Rishikesh
Garden Anand Lok Ashram, Sirasu Village Rishikesh
  • It has lots of reasons to attract spiritual seekers and yoga lovers because it provides quietness, nature, peace, and greenery. If you love to go for a day hike, there is Mala Kunti village, the best hiking trail that runs along the bank of the Ganges.
  • If you love to visit the typical Himalayan village then the Kota village is the best for you to go on the half-day trek from the Ashram.
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Rooms Interior View of Anand Lok Ashram Rishikesh
Rooms Interior View of Anand Lok Ashram Rishikesh
  • The best-known part of the Ananda Lok Ashram is the Garden that offers you tremendous nature vibrations that will refresh you organic salad and veggies will enrich your soul, flower gardens will give real happiness to you.
Yoga Hall Ananda Lok Ashram Rishikesh
Yoga Hall Ananda Lok Ashram Rishikesh

How To Reach

By Road / Self Drive  Driving up to Ananda Lok Ashram is mesmerizing along the bank of the Ganges, as it is connected via the National Highway Rishikesh- Badrinath. The 30 km stretch of hilly road is awesome that takes 1 hour from Rishikesh.

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Buildings Anand Lok Ashram RishikeshAshram
Buildings Anand Lok Ashram RishikeshAshram

Nearby Attractions

  • Kailash Cave – Kailash Cave Rishikesh is a lesser famous cave in Rishikesh that is about 40 km far off from Rishikesh and only 15 km from the Ananda Lok Ashram Rishikesh. It is the best-known for meditation and off travel nearby.
  • Vashistha Cave Rishikesh & Arundhati Caves have located just opposite sides across the bank of the Ganges at a walkable distance that asks only 15 minutes to reach there
  • Mala Kunti Village has located upstream of the Ganges about 4 km from the Ananda Lok Ashram, It is the most scenic trail you have here owing to the Ganges, the trails run along the bank of the Ganges and never misses the Ganga
  • Kota Village is a mountaintop village, 4 km far from the Ashram premises that you can spot in the eyes every day because the village is visible from the Ashram. It requires a bit of physical strength to reach up on the top. I assure you that it is the most beautiful village that you have in your proximity.
  • Loyal Village– It is a very scenic village, famous for Agritourism, there is a lot of agricultural activities and has a breathtaking view of the Ganga.
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