Yamunotri Ropeway: Coming Soon!

Yamunotri Ropeway– The proposal for a ropeway to the Yamunotri shrine, which has been delayed for over a decade, has finally received clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). For the ambitious project, 3.8 hectares of land will now be transferred, and construction of the 3.7km-long (aerial distance) ropeway – which will connect the Yamunotri shrine to Kharsali village – will “start soon in earnest”. The ropeway is expected to reduce travel time from five hours to just 10 minutes.

It’s been 16 long years since the project to construct a ropeway in Kharsali village was first started. Despite the local’s willingness to give up 1.5 hectares of land to the tourism department, the project has been stuck in government files. Surat Rawat, a social activist, said that the project has been neglected for far too long.

The 5km journey from Jankichatti to the shrine is a difficult one, especially for elderly pilgrims and priests. Health issues are common among trekkers, and there have been casualties in the past. The ropeway will not only reduce travel time but will also save lives.

Last year, 81 pilgrims died during the Yamunotri shrine pilgrimage, as reported by officials. Pawan Uniyal, the priest of Yamunotri shrine, said, “Finally, our much-awaited demand is getting fulfilled. The project will boost tourism-based employment in the region.”

Rahul Chaubey, district tourism officer, said that construction is expected to start this summer and be completed in two years with MoEF’s go-ahead.


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