Timbersain Mahadev: A Frozen Shivalinga

Discover Timbersain Mahadev, a unique cave temple in Uttarakhand, resembling the Amarnath Cave of Kashmir. Inside, witness the awe-inspiring sight of freezing water drops forming a vertical Shivalinga on the cave floor.

Uttarakhand Government’s Efforts

Uttarakhand’s government aims to make Timbersain Mahadev Cave temple more accessible by bringing it out of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj has urged for an alternative route to enhance pilgrimage experiences.

Natural Marvel and Spiritual Center

Similar to Sri Amarnath Ji, natural Shivalingas grace the Timbersain Mahadev temple, drawing faith and devotion from local residents. The government’s plan to exclude the temple area from the reserve will make visits easier for devotees.

Boxa-Tharu Tribes and Glorious History

The Boxa and Tharu tribes’ rich history will be highlighted. These tribes have a profound legacy, including their ruling dynasty and connections to Pandavas’ migration and exile in Uttarakhand.

Journey to Neeti Village

Visit the last village of Uttarakhand, Neeti, located near the Indo-China border. Trek 2 kilometers from Neeti Village to reach Timbersain Mahadev Temple, also known as Timmersain Mahadev Temple.

Seasonal Transformations

Experience the formation of the Shivlinga during winter as snow takes shape and in summer with natural waterfalls. The temple hosts rainy season festivals, offering prayers and attracting villagers and army personnel.

Embrace the mystique of Timbersain Mahadev and its frozen marvel, a place where spirituality and natural wonders unite.


In the heart of Uttarakhand’s mesmerizing landscapes, It stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of spirituality and nature’s marvels. This cave temple, with its frozen Shivalinga and unique resemblance to the famed Amarnath Cave, offers a transcendent experience. As the government’s efforts pave the way for easier access and the rich history of the Boxa-Tharu tribes comes to light, Timbersain Mahadev beckons travelers and devotees alike. Journey to the last village of Neeti, trek amidst the beauty of the Indo-China border.


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