Timbersain  Mahadev – A  Cave Temple of Shiva in Uttarakhand.  Inside Timbersain  Mahadev Cave freezing water drops that grow up vertically in the form of a Shivlinga on the floor of the cave.

Travel will begin soon in Uttarakhand on the pattern of Amarnath. Uttarakhand Government’s efforts have begun to bring the famous Timbersain Mahadev  Cave temple out of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj spoke to the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah. Due to being within the inner line of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Shiva devotees have to face a lot of difficulties to pay a visit to Timbersain Mahadev  Shiva Cave Temple

Along with this, Mr Satpal Maharaj has also raised the demand to prepare an alternative route for Chardham Yatra. Maharaj has proposed an alternative route to Trijuginarayan via Ghansali to Ghutali in the first phase.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Maharaj said that Shivalingas are built naturally inside the cave in the Timbersain Mahadev temple similar to Sri Amarnath Ji. It is the centre of faith of the local people of Uttarakhand. But due to the area being within the reserve, permission has to be duly obtained to pay to visit this ancient temple of Shiva in The Himalayas.

The government wants the temple area to be excluded from the inner line from the Nanda Devi biosphere reserve. With this, devotees will be able to easily go there for prayer. Whereas, The Nanda Devi biosphere reserve area is very sensitive geographically, so it is very urgent to make alternative routes.  Mr Maharaj Tourism Minister said that by this alternate route where the journey will also be easy. At the same time, relief and rescue work can be done effectively in the case of the natural disaster.

In Addition, the world will be aware of the history of Boxa-Tharu Tribes

The glorious history of the  Boksa and Tharu tribes will be brought in the light of the world. The Tourism Minister said that both these tribes have a glorious history. There are many untouched aspects of their lives, which are not known to the mainstream.

Adding that one time these tribes have had a long-ruling dynasty. And, the trek route signifies the migration and exile of Pandavas in Uttarakhand. Some time ago Mukhwa, Harshil and Bagoli have also been taken out from the inner line. Timbersain Cave – Shiva Temple  is the centre of faith for the people of Uttarakhand

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