Saryu Aarti Timings: How to get Saryu Ghat for Aarti

Experience the divine Saryu Aarti at Ram ki Paidi in Ayodhya with our guide to the Saryu Aarti Timings. Join the spiritual journey as the sun sets over the holy River Saryu, immersing yourself in the sacred traditions of Ayodhya.

The Saryu Ghat also known as Naya Ghat, is a serene and enchanting location. The Saryu Nadi Aarti  ( takes place around sunset in the evening, offering a guaranteed peace of mind. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride on the Saryu River to witness the Naya Ghat Aarti, adding to the mesmerizing experience of the surroundings.

Saryu Aarti Timings ( Saryu Nadi Aarti Time):

The timing of the Saryu Aarti varies with the seasons:

  • In the Summer Time: it starts at 6 PM in summer
  • In the Winter Time: It starts around 5 PM.

These Saryu Aarti timings are carefully follows the time of sunset so that visitors can experience this divine blessing without missing out.

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Aarti Ayodhya
Aarti Ayodhya


Ayodhya, the sacred city that resonates with the epic tales of Lord Rama, is a place of profound spirituality and deep-rooted devotion. One of the most cherished experiences for pilgrims and tourists alike is witnessing the Saryu Aarti at Ram ki Paidi, a mesmerizing riverfront Ghat on the banks of the holy River Saryu in Ayodhya.

Festivals and Records:

Ram ki Paidi holds a special place in the hearts of Ayodhya’s residents and devotees worldwide. It is a hub of festivities, especially during celebrations associated with Lord Rama. One such grand event is Deepotsav, which is performed on Ram-Ki-Paidi during Diwali every year. In 2019, Ayodhya created history by lighting an astounding 450,000 diyas on Ram ki Paidi, earning a coveted Guinness World Record.

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Saryu River Ghat Ayodhya
Saryu River Ghat Ayodhya

The River Saryu:

The River Saryu, often referred to as Sarju, is more than just a geographical waterway; it is a symbol of purity and sanctity. Its name, translating to “that which is streaming,” alludes to its ability to cleanse both the soul and the surroundings. This river flows gracefully through Ayodhya. It is  bestowing its divine blessings upon the city and its people, as described in ancient Hindu scriptures such as the Vedas and Ramayana.

Ram Ki Paidi Ghat:

At a mere walking distance from the Ayodhya Temple. You’ll discover Ram ki Paidi, a series of Ghats adorning the banks of the Saryu River. This picturesque destination offers a serene escape from the bustling world, where spirituality and natural beauty harmoniously converge. The Ghat stretches along the river, encompassing lush green gardens and a row of exquisite temples dedicated to various deities.

Ram Ki Paidi Ayodhya India
Ram Ki Paidi Ayodhya India

Historical Significance:

The history of Ram ki Paidi is rich and fascinating. The strong currents of the River Saryu washed away the original steps to the Ghat. But in 1984-1985, Shri Shripati Mishra, who was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh at that time, along with his irrigation minister, Shri Vir Bahadur Singh. They worked together to build new steps for the Ghat. Today, these steps stand as proof of their dedication and commitment to preserving Ayodhya’s spiritual heritage.


Ayodhya’s Ram ki Paidi and the Saryu Aarti are not merely places to visit. They are profound experiences that connect you with the rich spiritual heritage of India. The serene river, the enchanting Ghat, and the divine rituals create an atmosphere that touches the soul. Don’t miss the Saryu Aarti Timings of this spiritual journey when you visit this sacred city.


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