Gangolihat: The History of Gangolihat

Gangolihat is a small Himalayan hill town in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India. It is famous for its Shakti Peeth of “Haat Kalika” dedicated to the goddess Kali. The temple is situated at an elevation of 1,458 meters (4,789 ft) and is 27 km from Pithoragarh.

The Shakti Peeth of Haat Kalika houses the Kalika Purana, a scripture. The Kalika Purana was revealed by Kali.
The Temple complex has a huge granite boulder, in which a small cave is believed to be the place where Kali killed the demon Raktabija.

Gangolihat Uttarakhand

Gangolihat is well-known for its numerous ancient temples and underground caves – some of the most famous being Haat Kalika, Ambika Dewaal, Chamunda Mandir, and Vaishnavi Mandir. The latter is especially unique in that it offers visitors a clear view of the Himalayas. situated atop Shail Parvat mountain, which is considered holy in Hindu scripture.

There are many beautiful underground caves in Gangolihaat, including the ‘Patal Bhuvneshwar‘, ‘Shailashwer Gufa’, and ‘Mukteshwar Gufa’. A new underground cave has been also found recently and that is called ‘Bholeshwar Gufa’.

Haat Kali Temple
Haat Kali Temple

Religious Significance

Hat Kalika Mandir is an important religious site for Hindus, as it is one of the Shaktipeeths, where it is believed that the goddess Kalika Mata shifted her form from West Bengal. The temple is located in Gangolihat and is a popular destination for devotees and tourists alike.

The temple has been a place of worship for centuries and continues to be an important part of Hindu culture. The late Captain Bikram Batra was a great devotee of the goddess and had created an Army Rest House near the temple for soldiers who came to Gangolihat to receive her blessing.


Situated at the point where the old Pithoragarh-Almora footpath meets with the new Ghat-Bageshwar motor road, Gangolihat is a village located between the rivers Saryu and Ramganga. According to our ancient literature, it was referred to as Gangawali and is now the center of the Gangoli region.

How to reach

The nearest major railway station to Gangolihat is Kathgodam (KGM), 180 kilometers away. The nearest airport is Pantnagar 219 kilometers away.

Accommodation in Gangolihat

Accommodation is available at Tourist Rest Houses, as well as a few private hotels that are not as well-known.


We hope you were able to learn more about Gangolihat and some of the great places to visit in this article. If you’re looking to visit a tropical place that’s also full of culture and history.


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