Danda Nagaraja Temple Uttarakhand

Danda Nagaraja Temple Uttarakhand is situated in Pauri district of Uttarakhand, the state is famous among devotees as well among tourists for its unique stories and beliefs. It is located in the Benelushua Patti, this temple is situated about 37 kilometers from Pauri and 115 km from Rishikesh. It is a unique incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna Ji in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand has a lot of recognition. In the entire Pauri district and Garhwal region, this temple of Lord Krishna is the main center of faith. This temple is situated on the Adwani-Baganakhal road, about 45 kilometers from the city of Pauri. One of the incarnations of Lord Krishna ji in the Garhwal region is Nagaraja, Devashakti’s highest regard.

However, Goddess Nagaraja’s main Dham is in Samkhemam of Uttarkashi, but it is said that Sammhemem and this temple are both the same. [Goddess Mahadev and Goddess Parvati’s sacred place of marriage!]

Every year, foreign tourists come to know the magnificence and importance of the temple and according to the tradition of the temple, write their name on the bell and bind them in the premises of the temple. After worshiping in the temple, sitting in the cool shade of trees makes a wonderful experience.

Here people tie bells to the temple for their fulfillment. Today you will find thousands of bells tied here, which are important attractions of temple beauty. This wonderful temple attracts foreign tourists too.

A celebration to be held in the Chhatra temple built on the roof of the sanctuary of the temple is organized here every year in the month of April, a grand celebration is organized on the 13th and the 14th day of Baishakhi. The magnificence of the temple is worth seeing during this fair. In order to see this grandeur, thousands of devotees from different places arise. During this fair, priests of the temple change every year. People offer flag and bell to the Goddess goddess.

How to reach there?

Road Trip: Blackjack Nagaraja is situated about 34 kilometers from Pauri and about 49 km from Devprayag and 115 km from Rishikesh. With Pauri, you can reach here by booking any personal tax or by bus. But from Devprayag, you will have to book a private taxi to reach here because there is no bus facility available from here to Danda Nagaraja.

By Rail Travel

Here is the nearest railway station Haridwar, which is situated about 100 kilometers away from here.

By Air

Here is the nearest airport Jolly Grant Airport, which is located approximately 131 kilometers from here.

The right time to visit the temple of Danda Nagaraja Temple: By the way, you can come here to visit the Nagaraja Gods throughout the year, but in the months of March to June, the view here is filled with the beauty of the flowers of bullion. You can reach the temple comfortably by taking the natural joy of the shady trees of the oven, with the cold and cold breeze here.

How to reach Pauri?

Other attractive places of Pauri, you can also visit other sights of Pauri after this religious journey of your Blackjack Nagaraja. The other attractive centers are the Chowkbaba Mountains, Kandolia Temple, Khirsu, Tara Kund and the Kunkaleshwar Mahadev Temple

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