Budher Caves near Chakrata in Uttarakhand: A traveler’s diary

As part of our bird-watching excursion, we visited a place near Chakrata. The jeep ride to this location was thrilling. We arrived at a spot with a centuries-old Dak Bungalow built by the British. Alongside this bungalow, there’s a road leading to Budher Caves. As we started climbing, the road wound through a forest of pine trees, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the 2.5 km walk.

When we reached the top, I was amazed by the beautiful view. The lush green grassland looked like it was beautifully landscaped by nature. We enjoyed our packed lunch there. Afterward, we visited an ancient temple built by local Adivasis. Inside the temple, there was no idol, but the entrance was adorned with horns of small animals and nailed coins. It was an amazing experience.

Just a few hundred feet from the temple, we found the famous Budher Caves. The entrance to the caves is quite small, and you need a torchlight to enter because it’s pitch dark inside. There’s a narrow passage that requires rappelling gear to go beyond. Those who fear darkness or small spaces should avoid entering the caves.

Budher Caves is  beyond Moila Top. It has a small entrance, so you need a torch or flashlight because it’s dark inside. People who are afraid of small or enclosed spaces should avoid it. It’s a great spot to check out when you’re at Moila Top Chakrata.

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Molia Top Chakrata Dehradun Uttarakhand
Molia Top Chakrata Dehradun Uttarakhand

Moila Top Chakrata

During our stay at Tiger Fall Eco Resort, we took a day trip to Moila Top. The road was smooth until Lokhandi, after which there’s a 4 km stretch of gravel road leading to the Forest Guest House. From there, a 3 km trek begins.

The trek is moderate, suitable for those with average fitness levels. If you’re traveling with elders, toddlers, or during bad weather, it’s advisable to seek assistance from locals. Make sure to carry warm clothing, water, some food, and wear sturdy walking shoes.

The view from the top makes it all worthwhile—a breathtaking reward for the journey.

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Trek to Molia Top Chakrata
Trek to Molia Top Chakrata

Budher Caves Trekking

Heaven on Earth is here. It’s around a 2.5 km trek that takes about 1.25 to 1.75 hours. The walk offers breathtaking views and truly feels like heaven on earth. It’s very safe to walk all the way to the end point. Though the trek can be a bit tiring, you’ll enjoy it immensely. However, it’s not recommended for seniors as it can be quite exhausting. You can take small breaks whenever needed on the way to the caves.

Lokhandi village,

From Lokhandi village, you need to trek 2.5 km to reach the summit. Halfway through, you might feel exhausted and low on energy. However, upon reaching the destination, it’s an experience you’ve been waiting for all your life.

The place is simply stunning, thrilling, and beyond words to explain. Standing at the top of this mountain area, surrounded by cool, fresh breezes and grazing herds of animals, you’ll find a natural pond, a small cave, and a temple at the very peak.

Budher Forest Rest House

Budher Forest Rest House, located in the Chakrata Forest Division, Chakrata, holds historical significance as the oldest in northern India, built in 1868. Perched at an altitude of 2523m, it stands 20km away from Chakrata amidst Japanese cedar trees, offering a tranquil and serene environment.

During winter, heavy snowfall often blankets the area with depths exceeding 9 feet, rendering it inaccessible. A 3km trek from the rest house leads to Maila Top’s alpine meadows, providing breathtaking views of major Himalayan peaks. Nearby, primitive caves beckon to archaeology enthusiasts.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

It is surrounded by beautiful Deodar, Kail, Surai forests. 3kms trek to Moila top (Alpine Meadow), Bhudher Cave, Chuddhar View point (4kms) , wildlife sighting (Leopard, wild boar, Monal, Pheasants, Ghural, Himalayan Griffon etc. )


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