Pithoragarh To Mansarovar: All about the new route

This incredible new route built from Pithoragarh to Mansarovar will ultimately ease the dependence on China and Nepal, both previously the only options for ferrying pilgrims to this place of worship. We say great work should always be celebrated so congrats to all involved in making this route a reality from Pithoragarh, especially Nitin Gadkari who has been championing the cause of developing better transportation solutions throughout India!


The Lipulekhh-Pithoragarh route to Kailash Mansarovar was regarded as one of the most perilous routes because of its challenging terrain, steep slopes, extreme cold, and frequent heavy snowfall. To aid pilgrims, traditional stone huts were constructed every few kilometers for resting, and these huts can still be observed today.

But now, the launch of a new road at an elevation of 19500 feet from Pithoragarh is completely changing the game for this epic trek in one of the world’s toughest mountain ranges. The road makes it far easier for people to get through this pilgrimage without sacrificing quality time or their lives!

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Pithoragarh to Kailash Mansarovar
Pithoragarh to Kailash Mansarovar

Uttarakhand to Kailash Mansarovar Distance

So far, there have been two routes to Kailash Mansarovar in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The new route under construction comprises three sections: ( Pithoragarh to Kailash Mansarovar distance)

  1. The first section spans 107.6 km from Pithoragarh to Tawaghat.
  2. The second section is a 19.5 km single-lane road from Tawaghat to Ghatiabgarh.
  3. The third section extends 80 km from Ghatiabgarh to the Lipulekh Pass at the China border, and this part requires travel on foot.

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Lipulek Pass Trek
Lipulek Pass Trek

Pithoragarh to Kailash Mansarovar distance

The Darchula–Lipulekh road is an extension of the Pithoragarh to Tawaghat road that originates from Ghatiabagarh, traverses the 80km between these points, and ends at Lipulekh Pass. Altitudinal changes on this stretch of the road may be experience. It t rises from a mere 6000 feet to 17,060 feet.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra route from Uttarakhand– After the Pithoragarh project is finished, pilgrims can avoid risky high-altitude areas and cut their journey time by approximately two weeks.

Once the construction is complete, pilgrims for Kailash Mansarovar can travel up to the China border in vehicles in order to avoid the difficult 90 km trek.


In conclusion, the journey from Pithoragarh to Mansarovar is a spiritually rewarding pilgrimage that offers a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and divine blessings. It is a journey that tests one’s physical and mental strength, while also nourishing the soul with a profound spiritual experience.


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