Pilot Baba Ashram- Nainital Uttarakhand

The beautiful hill station Nainital is not only famous for sightseeing places and the Shakti Peetam but also for the Ashramas. One of such ashrams is the Pilot Baba Ashram. A serene place where one learns the mystic teaching directly from the Pilot Baba in the holy Himalayan region. Baba ashrams are located in other parts of India as well along with two international places Nepal and Japan. People around the world visit this ashram to learn meditation and yoga especially foreigns.

Devotees in the Ashram
Devotees in the Ashram

What is the uniqueness of this place and the Baba?

  • The ashram is surrounded by lush greenery with the amazing backdrop of mountains covered with fog, whereas during winter the mountain is covered with snow.
  • The Mahayogi Pilot baba has the power to stay in Samadhi for a long period of time by burying himself underground. Firstly, one should know what is Samadhi? It is a final state in meditation where a person completely detaches himself from the materialistic world and remains in that state like a dead body.
Pilot Baba Ashram Nainital
Pilot Baba Ashram Nainital

How to reach the place?

  • The ashram is located in the Gethia Jeolikote in the Nainital.
  • The nearest airport to the ashram is Pantnagar whereas the nearest railways are the Kathgodam. The beautiful ashram has a temple and many statues and sculptures of the Lord Hanuman and other Gods and Goddesses.
  • Besides this here they provide rooms for devotees to stay while they learn meditation and yoga from the baba.

A brief history of Pilot Baba

  • The original name of the baba is Kapil Singh. He used to work for the Indian Air Force. He became a pilot for fighter planes and participated in many wars such as the Indo china war, Indo-Pak war. Due to his efficiency and dedication, he was promoted to the wing commander position.
  • The life-changing moment of baba is one day during the war while flying the NEFA flight it lost control. At that moment, a miracle happened. Kapil Singh guru happened to appear in the flight and guide him. To land the flight safely, this mystic incident changed baba’s life. At the age of 33 Baba left the Indian Air force and took the spiritual path.
  • The early life of the baba. He was born in the Sasaram in Bihar state. Baba pursued a master’s degree in organic chemistry from Benares  Hindu University.
  • Later joined Indian Air Force in 1957, hence his name is Pilot baba. Baba learned the mystic powers going beyond death, from his guru Mahatappa  Giri.
Pilot Baba with his devotees
Pilot Baba with his devotees

Places to visit around Pilot Baba Ashram In Nainital

Naini Lake

  • The enchanting lake allure people around the world. Many prominent poets described the beauty of the lake in their literature work.
  • The place got the name Nainital due to the Naini lake whereas the lake is a freshwater lake. Naini means eye.
  • This place not only attracts tourists for its beauty but also has spiritual importance in Hinduism. The lake legends are related to the cosmic couple Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvathi Devi.
  • Furthermore, this place is divided into two here the northern part is called one is called Mallital whereas the southern part is called Tallital. Here one can opt for a boat ride in the picturesque lake.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • When you visit Nainital make sure you visit this wildlife Sanctuary which is in its pristine state. Here one just simply hops on the elephant’s back and explores the wildness where animals roam around freely. The elephant safari and close encounter with wildlife make this place a must-visit in the Almora region of Uttarakhand. The distance from the Nainital and the Almora town is 62 km. This place is located at an altitude of 7,600  feet.

Chitai Golu Devata Temple

  • The temple of justice is famous in the Almora region for its uniqueness. Here devotees tie bells and write a note and pin it along with the bell in the process of seeking justice to them and their family. The main deity of the temple is Gaur Bhairav, a form of Lord Shiva. On another hand, this temple has many legends regarding the main deity of the temple. Hence it is popularly believed by the people that whoever visits and truthfully worships god their wish will be fulfilled.

Mukteshwar Dham Temple

  • An old temple of Lord shiva with simple stone architecture and amazing scenic view around the temple. Pilgrims who visit Nainital also visit this ancient temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is said to be 350 years old. This temple is located at an altitude of 2,312  feet above sea level. However, it is considered one of the 18 important temples of Lord Shiva.


Visit the mystic ashram Pilot baba ashram in the Nainital. At this ashram, one can learn yoga and meditation from the baba himself. He mastered the skill of going beyond the death of Samadhi state for a long duration. Besides this one can experience the divine and spiritual vibe by staying at the ashram.


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