Traditional Jausari Homes Indroli-Kandar, Chakrata

Traditional Jausari Homes Indroli-Kandar, Chakrata

Nature’s marvel in the Himalayan mountain ranges is the Chakrata hill station. This enthralling hill station is located 90 km from the Dehradun at the altitude of 2,118. Besides the amazing sight of Himalayas, this place offers trekking in the woods and skiing in winter. Furthermore, it provides adventure actives in the Himalayan caves.

Mountain climbing is very popular at the Chakrata hill station. Undoubtedly, it is the highest mountain peak in the hill station which is 10,000 feet above sea level. If you are into mountain climbing then definitely you should try this. Last but not least, this sacred place is related to the Mahabharath and one can visit the ancient and divine temples here.

How to reach this place?

The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport whereas the nearest railway is Dehradun. One can reach this hill station from here either though the bus or cab based on the individual budget and comfort.

Chakrata Hill station is the best vacation destination as it is the best place for nature lovers where one can enjoy the panoramic view of Himalayas. Besides this, it is an excellent place for wild lover whereas one can enjoy the wildness here. For adventure lover, this places provides ample adventure actives.

Tips to follow when visiting Chakrata

  • A foreign citizen has to take special permission to enter the Chakrata hill station as it as the military base here.
  • If you’re travelling through private vehicle it is advisable to make sure your vehicle has sufficient fuel throughout the journey. It should be noted that there are no fuel stations in the Chakrata region.
  • If you plan to visit this amazing hill station during monsoon, it would be better to be a bit careful as it is a hill station, land sliding is possible and the route will be slippery.
  • Chakrata local hotels are the best options for local food as it doesn’t have any fancy restaurants here.


Indroli is a village located in the Chakrata district of Uttarakhand whereas the Kandar is the gram panchayat of the Indroli . The distance between Chakrata and the Indroli village is 15km. This village has a very little population which contains only 53 houses.

Why one has to visit this village?

If you want to escape from the stressful life of the city to a quiet place and enjoy the beauty of nature and top of all an amazing architectural homestay, this is a must-visit place. This amazing village is an apt place that is home to Jaunsari tribes and Jaunsari homes.

Whoever visits this place will be perplexed with the Jaunsari homes which have vibrant colours and unique architecture. Visit this unique village and opt for homestay for one or two days. Try locals made Rajma dish, which is grown locally here which gives a heavenly taste.

Jaunsari Homes Chakrata
Jaunsari Homes Chakrata

Jaunsari Homes

Before going to homes and its unique architecture lets have a brief look at the Jaunsari tribes and their lifestyle. One can find these tribes in the Garhwal, Kumaon and Himachal Pradesh regions. They have a unique and weird culture of the marriage system. That resembles the Mahabratha epic Pandavas marrying Durapadi which is recently changed and now it is not been seen anymore.

The Jaunsari houses are constructed with the wood and stones and tuck by the slate tiles. Due to low temperatures and snowfall, many houses are in the pagodas model here. The main source for the uniqueness of this architecture is the Laden spiked wood cravings and the slate stones used in the construction of the rooftops. Materials used are wood, plain stone( slate stones) and the mud which is available locally.


Plan a visit to this amazing hill station Chakrata in winter. You can see the carpet of white snow with the bewitching beauty of nature along with the winter games skiing. Besides this one can visit Traditional Jausari homes in Indroli and Kandar of Chakrata.








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