Tehri Lake Festival: Where Fun Meets Beauty

Are you looking to have a fun-filled family weekend, but you just can’t find a place? Don’t worry! The wonderful Tehri Lake Festival is here and so is the craze. This crazy colourful festival is held annually at the Tehri Dam and is a complete thrilling carnival. From water sports to amazing workshops, this festival has helped put Tehri on the map. So, if you are looking for some fun family getaway, then read ahead to know more about this exciting festival

Tehri Lake Festival: Where Fun Meets Beauty

The majestic and regal Tehri Dam rests against a surreal background. The Himalayas surround the crystal clear blue water, as the cloudy skies make the new Tehri Town feel more atmospheric.

This beautiful Dam is a wonder in itself, it is not just any other mechanically constructed Dam. It is more than that. The dam is entirely made up of limestones and took about 35 years to complete. Now, it has become a marvel, and tourists flock over to see this architectural wonder. One might think that it is impossible that such a beautiful lake and dam can become even more amazing, but it does!

During the Tehri Lake Festival, the entire town comes alive, as there is fun, laughter and food all around. This wonderful cultural fest goes on for three days and is pure fun and happiness. There is no better way to detox and cleanse than to visit this magnetic and electrifying festival:

The Tehri Lake Festival

The extravaganza that unfolds at the famous Tehri Dam is called the Tehri Lake Festival. The festival is an absolute fun-filled cultural fiesta that will make your heart sway to the beats of fun.

The Tehri Lake Festival is a great way to learn more about the culture and also have fun. There are so many activities and events that take place here that your mind will be confused as to what to do. You can go kayaking, canoeing, surfing or just dance away your time. The carnival is also attended by Bollywood stars you perform to keep you entertained all through the day.

Here are some of the most amazing things to do in the Tehri Lake Festival

Soak In The Sunrise

What can be better than lazing on the lounge chair with your blanket wrapped all-around your body, as the sun starts to break away the darkness and light up the sky? The serene river Ganga in Tehri slowly starts to reflect the gentle rays of the sun, and just like that the entire place is covered with a golden glow. The Himalayas glisten as the sun sparkles down on them. It is rare to witness such a majestic moment- yet at Tehri, you will be blessed with exactly this every morning. So just rise early, watch the breathtaking sunrise and then head over to the beautiful festival.

Water Sports During Lake Festivals
Water Sports During Lake Festivals

The Stunning Panorama

One of the main reasons why the Tehri Lake Festival is so beautiful is because of the backdrop. The location of the festival itself is a delight and you would be stumped by the natural beauty that lies in front of you. Cuddled in the foothills of the magnanimous Himalayas, the highest dam of Asia transforms into a colourful, cultural carnival. There is colour all around, as the snowy white Himalayas watch from afar and present a wonderful view for all the revellers.

Haven For Water Sports

One extremely popular feature of the Tehri Lake Festival is the water sports that you can indulge in. There is so much to do in the 44 sq km area that is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains. You can try your hand in sports like water zorbing, Jet Ski, banana boat, rafting, parasailing and even kayaking. There is so much to do that you will be spoilt for choice.

It is surreal to feel the chilling water hit your face as you kayak your way through. The wonderful Himalayas that stand right in the background as you are kayaking through the azure water, makes the place more alluring. Engaging in these water sports are a great way to capture the essence of this festival.

A Cultural Fiesta

What makes the Tehri Lake Festival so popular and magnetic are the cultural performances and shows. These shows are not just a reflection of the modern, urbane world, but are also deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the Indian subcontinent. Like: The Ganga Arti is probably one of the most amazing scenes at the carnival. The entire area is lit up just by shimmering Diyas, and lamps, as the smell of the incense sticks fills the air. The priest starts to chant, and the entire crowd joins in with him. There is something so powerful, so electrifying in the way that the entire Arti is conducted. For those few moments, you will feel yourself go into a trance- you are transferred to a heavenly place at that moment, and the feeling is surreal.

After the Arti, another enthralling performance takes place. It is essentially a laser show and is extremely well made. Several other performances, some by celebrities take place on all evenings throughout the festival. All of the events are a visual treat and the energy of the crowd just makes it so much better.

A Foodie’s Paradise

The Tehri Lake Festival also as a cooking competition for the local Garwhali women, and everyone is welcome to taste the food. It is impossible to even start praising the quality and deliciousness of the dishes- this is something that you must feel for yourself. The entire event is a dream for foodies and anyone who is a lover of food. The Garhwali culture is reflected in every single dish, and you will be tasting the most authentic dishes and food.

The women are all dressed in colourful ethnic dressed coupled with large earrings and necklaces. This itself sets a tone and shows that you are truly in for a treat. The dining halls are all traditional designed, and you feel like a royal as you sit and eat all that food cooked with love and care.

floating accommodation
The Floating Accommodation in Tehri Lake festival

A Dreamlike Stay

The Tehri Lake Festival has some great staying arrangements for the guests and visitors who come here to witness the carnival. It is best that you stay either inside or as close as possible to the festival to completely soak in the feeling and essence of the carnival.

There are little tents near the lake, and they are brilliant for a short stay. The experience of staying inside a tent is also fun and thrilling. You can also stay in the floating huts, as they are so beautiful and almost poetic. Imagine waking up every day, with serene azure water all around you. This is a must-have experience!

A Sure Way To Cleanse Yourself

Tehri itself is a winders location, even without the craze of the festival. From the local beauty to the many day trips you can take from here. If you are ever looking for a quick weekend getaway or a way to detox, then Tehri is the perfect place for you.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to the New Tehri is the Jolly Grant Airport. It is located about 93 km from New Tehri.

By Train: The nearest railway station to New Tehri is in the lovely town of Rishikesh. It is about 75 km from Tehri, and there are several vehicles like cab or buses that will take you to Tehri from the station. The train journey to Tehri is picturesque, thus, it is highly recommended you experience the train ride at least once.

By Road: There are several buses, both private and state-run that are connected to major cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun. You can easily hop on to a bus from any of these towns and get a direct bus to New Tehri.




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