Swargarohini – Base Camp Trek- A Stairway To Heaven

Swargarohini: There are some places in life that not only challenge you to the core but admire you such as Swargarohini Trek near Badrinath temple in Uttarakhand. One such trek is Swargarohini. The Swargarohini is located in the Himalayas and is blessed with breathtaking views.

Swargarohini Trek

Swargarohini trek will take you to the ancient city of Joshimath, which is filled with spiritual significance. It is here that you can visit the temple dedicated to one of the most famous yogis of India, Shri Badrinath Ji.  Swarg Rohini Yatra is unique. Yet, the trek to reach this place is not too easy. So, are you up for Swargarohini Yatra?

Swargarohini: A Stairway To Heaven

The word Swargarohini translates to “Way To Heaven” and there is no doubt that it truly looks like a way to the heavenly abode. Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, this wonderful place of Swargarohini is one of a kind Swargarohini glacier.

Swargarohini Steps

Swargarohini trek route is located in Uttarakhand, this mountain range I hugely popular among trekkers who are not afraid to climb great heights just to reach this paradise.

Swargarohini steps do not mean that there are steps whereas it is a way of expression of climbing up itself is made up of four different peaks- Swargarohini Peak – I, II, III, and IV, out of which Swargarohini I are most visited.

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Satopant Lake - Swargrohini Trek Uttarakhand
Satopant Lake – Swargrohini Trek Uttarakhand

Advice – Trek to Satopanth Lake and Swargarohini Glacier

Swargarohini Trek is a challenging trek that takes you through the most difficult terrains. The trek is one of its kind and takes you through the most difficult terrains like snow, rocky mountains, and rivers. Find out more here.

Situated at an elevation of 6252 m, it is highly advised that only experienced trekkers with proper gear embark on this challenging yet stunning journey.

So, just pack your trekking gear and get ready for a journey of a lifetime as you traverse crystal clear lakes, huge boulders, moraine debris, snowy peaks, and bone-chilling wind- to finally reach Swargarohini.

The Myth: Swargarohini or Swargrohini

This beauteous mountain finds its mention in the great Indian epic- Mahabharata. It is believed that to reach heaven in the form of a human you must go through Swargarohini. Swargarohini is the only way to reach paradise.

Swargarohini Trek Route to The Base Camp

The trek to Swargarohini starts from the holy town of Badrinath: Badrinath – Mana – Lakshmiban – Chakratirtha – Satopanth Lake – Swargarohini Base Camp.

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En Route Camping on the Way To Swargrohini Peak
En Route Camping on the Way To Swargrohini Peak

The Trek Journey to Swargarohini Base Camp

Your journey will begin from the sacred town of Badrinath. There you will also meet your guide. If you are trekking for the first time then it is highly recommended that you get yourself a trekking guide to show you the way.

If you want you can also quickly visit the Badrinath Temple, and after seeking its blessing, you can embark upon your journey.

From Badrinath, you will have to reach Mana. This little town is the first leg of the trek. From here you have to start walking on foot. Mana is also the place where you will find India’s last tea shop.

From Mana, you have to proceed to Laxmiban. The trek from Mana to Laxmiban is extremely picturesque and right through the bounties of nature.

Throughout this trial, you will be accompanied by the eternally gushing Vasundhara Falls on one side. You will be following the serene Alaknanda River and after some time you have to cross it and reach Mata Murti Temple.

Legends believe that Mata Murti Temple is the shrine where Draupadi breathed her last breath. After this, the road continues and you will come across some majestic green meadows that will take your breath away.

Finally, as you follow the River once again you will reach Anandvan which is a great place to stop and have some lunch at.

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Satopant Lake Trek (5Days, 4Night)
Satopant Lake Trek (5Days, 4Night)

Side Note: You will have to carry your food and tents.

Anandvan is blessed with stunning sceneries and trees that are strikingly green and luscious. With the falls as your background, and the lovely trees to keep you company just dig into your lunch and take a much-needed break.

The trail from here gets even more magical if that’s even possible, so after a good night’s rest, wake up the next morning to a golden sky and fluffy clouds.

This trek is not undertaken by many, thus there is a sense of peace and calmness in the air. You won’t be able to hear a single noise, and the pollution of the city is replaced by clean light air.

Gorge on some lovely breakfast as you admire your surroundings and then leave for the next leg of the journey From here we have to trek towards the Narayana Parvat. This leg of the trek is relatively easier and extremely scenic.

Mesmerizing views of the Sesha Mountain and the Alkapuri Mountain Range will keep you motivated and energized as you push yourself forward.

Once you reach Narayana Parvat you will be able to witness the source of the Alaknanda River in the form of a mystical glacier.

Your next stop will be Chakrathirth. Chakrathirth is the perfect place to stop and relish the views that lie in front of you. You will be blessed with the sight of Chaukhamba Mountain and its golden peaks.

If you come here as the sun is starting to set then you will be delighted by the scene that will unfold in front of you.

The sky turns into a golden hue, as the snow peaks glisten when the rays fall on them. Gradually the entire valley is covered in a shining golden hue. It is stunning.

After a good sleep at night, embark on one of the toughest parts of the trek- Chakrathirth to Sathopanth Tal.

Start after a light breakfast. As you start your trek you will realize how astonishing beautiful nature can be. This leg of the trek starts to feel like a way to heaven.

The entire trail is covered with snowy mountains, lush green trees, lakes that are bluer than the sky, and serene locales that will keep your spirits high.

No matter how tough this leg is, not once will you feel like giving up as the atmosphere is so refreshing. On the contrary, you will feel liberated and at peace. Far far away from civilization, this place is truly heavenly.

Even though Chakrathirth to Sathopanth Tal is only about 4 km, the trek will take you 3 hours. Once you reach Sathopanth Tal you can also take a dip in the ice-cold water if you dare.

Spend the night at the glorious Sathopanth Tal. At night time you will be surprised to see how regal the night sky looks, as the stars light up the valley.

There are no artificial lights or street lamps, just the lights from the stars make it look so magical.

Try to wake up early in the morning to catch the sun to break its slumber and rise into the sky. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the dim rays of the sun slowly hitting the mountains and giving it a peck before covering the entire valley in light.

From Sathopanth Tal, Swargarohini is about 8 km more. You will need trekking gear to climb up Swargarohini. En route, you will come across several caves wherein you can spend your night.

Finally, you will reach the pinnacle and undoubtedly and involuntary your heart will leap in joy. The view from the top of is worth every effort that you put through and you will find yourself just lost in the moment.

Spend some time at the top and then start to make your way down before the night falls.

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