Rishikesh–Karnprayag railway line

Rishikesh – Karnprayag railway line project has been nearly completed, most probably the construction will start from the month of December 2019.  The entire railway line – 125 km long from Rishikesh to Karnprayag– is projected by a high demand for providing the access corridor to China- India Borders and also boost to religious tourism like Chardham Yatra , Kedarnath & Badrinath and, moreover to stop the migration of the people who have almost left their homeland in search of livelihood.

Rialway station in Karnprayag
a tiger soppted while surveying for the last lot of tunnel project in Karnprayag

The Rishikesh- Karnprayag Railway lines tunnels run parallel along the river Ganges from the Rishikesh, in the Garhwal region of the Himalayan mountains.

The 125km railway line will be stretched in tunnels for Rishikesh to Karnprayag, and, for 85% of its length, and the longest tunnel will be 15.1km between Devprayag and Lachmoli which will be the longest railway line tunnel in India in the Garhwal region of the Himalaya

Project enginner Mr. Giancarlo Renaldi ( Ital Ferr)
Project Engineer Mr. Giancarlo Renaldi

The Rs 162.2bn ($US 2.27bn) project is due to be completed by 2025, reducing the Rishikesh – Karnaprayag surface journey time from seven to two hours.

The engineering arms are, namely, ACOM ( AMERICAN GROUP), ITAL FERR ( ITALIAN ) YUKSEL, TUMUS, EPTISA & LOMBARDI, and  FS Italian Group, as part of a joint venture with Lombardi SA, has been awarded the contract for the executive design and works supervision of a first & last lot of tunnels project, the length of first tunnel is about  12 km long section (running almost entirely through tunnels)  & last lot of the tunnel will be 10 km long tunnel, for the Rishikesh – Karnaprayag railway line in the State of Uttarakhand.

There are 12 Stations between Rishikesh to Karnparayg

1- Shivpuri
2- Gullar
3- Byasi
4- Devprayg
5- Lachmoli
6- Malletha
7- Srinagar
8- Dahri
9- Sumerpur
10- Ghoktir
11- Gochar
12- Shivai Karnprayg


• Total Length of the Railway lines 125 km
110 km Railway line tunnels & 15 km Railway line Bridges
• There are 8 lots of the projects, completed by a different company
• The longest lot of tunnel is 15 km between Devprayag and Lachmoli
• The project will be completed by 2025
• Project cost is 162.2 bn (USD 2.27 bn )
• There is a total of 16 tunnels. Rishikesh- Karnprayag
• Total no of Bridges is 15
125 km total railway line including over bridges
• Maximum Speed 60 km/ hr
• Completion time 8 to 9 Years
2 tunnels run parallel for the evacuation purposes
• Each tunnel would have access tunnels
• Total 12 stations
• They use Robot / Machines and Manpower
Earthquake resistant tunnels

Challanges and Risk – High

Himalaya is the youngest formation of the mountains, and, supposed to be the youngest chains of the mountains in the world, and, the whole region of Himalaya supposed to be an earthquake zone which stretches about 2500 km and width is 248 km, so, It is the greatest challenge to human engineering.

  • Himalaya is the youngest formation of the mountains
  • Most difficult Railway line Project in the Himalaya
  • Lands slide, the Rocky Mountains, fragile mountain,
  • Low cover construction, underwater constructions

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