Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Price: Learn About Your Bungee

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is the most popular activity among adventure-seekers all over India. Since it is the highest bungee jump, there are some safety concerns. Below you will find concise information regarding safety concerns, Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Price ( tariffs), location, season, height, and how to book. Go through this guide to learn more about Bungee jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Price List 2022

Here is the latest bungee jumping price list for the year 2022:

Activity Price per
1 Entry Ticket 100.00
2 Bungy Jump 3550.00
3 Giant Swing 3550.00
4 Flying Fox(In Tandem) 1800.00
5 Flying Fox(Solo) 3000.00
6 Combo-1(Bungy+Flying Fox) 4750.00
7 Combo-2(Flying Fox+Swing) 4750.00
8 Combo-3(Bungy+Swing) 6500.00
9 Thrilogy  Combo(All 3 Activities) 8250.00


All the prices are with GST. There will be an additional cost for the transfer service by bus (Transport)  which is Rs. 400.00 including the entry fee.

Rishikesh Bungee Jumping

Rishikesh is also known as a paradise on earth. Bungee jumping is one of the most famous activities which people do to get over the stress factors of their life. Rishikesh bungee jumping location is 83 meters in height and this activity is performed near Rishikesh in Mohan Chatti village.

Here the two sides are rocky river Huel and valley, it looks very dangerous but this setup can relieve your stress easily. It’s really fun doing Bungee Jumping here. From any place nearby you can see rock formations in the Hule River and Valley which gives it an adventurous look like a small waterfall if you jump from 83m height.

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Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Height
Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Height

Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Height

Activities at Bungee Jumping Heights in Rishikesh. Learn more about  BungeeJumping Heights.

Bungee Jumping (83 mts): is the highest bungee jumping in Rishikesh, fixed platform bungee jumping in India. Bungee Jumping, Mohanchatti, Rishikesh has a cantilever platform over an iron cliff looking at a rocky river HYUL, a tributary of River Ganga.

Flying Fox (120 mts): There is fixed hard wire around 1 km, from one end of the valley to the other. You are harnessed to this apparatus which is released to gravity running on the wire from the height of 120 meters to achieve a speed of up to 140 to 160 KMPH. Flying Fox in Rishikesh is usually done by three persons at a time. However, if you desire you can pay extra to do it alone.

Giant Swing (84 mts): It is carried out from the same platform as Bungee Jumping. But instead of a cord being attached to your ankles a seat harness is provided and two ropes are attached to it. Instead of free-falling after jumping, the ropes start swinging you like a pendulum hence acting like one Giant Swing set from the height of 84 meters.

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Rishikesh Bungee Jump

The Rishikesh Bungee Jump takes the jumpers’ safety seriously so that the jumpers can feel all of their excitement! Operators, including the professional masters who are specially flown in from New Zealand to Rishikesh, staff this activity, and their number one priority is the skydivers’ enjoyment. The team is trained annually on how to deal with any situation that may arise when bungee jumping.

is bungee Jumping open in Rishikesh?

We are mostly overloaded with one question is Bungee Jumping open in Rishikesh? We say mostly yes it is open but during the rainy season, they shut for Monsoons In Rishikesh -15th July to 15th September and In Goa -15th June to 15th August.

Must-Know Before Booking Bunjee Jumping

  • Age Limit: Minimum 12 yrs
  • Weight: Minimum 35 kgs and Maximum 120 kgs
  • Opening Time: 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Weekly Closed:  on Tuesday
  • Location: Mohanchatti (25 km from Rishikesh center )

Note: All activities  are closed every Tuesday, plan accordingly 

Other Info

  • Reporting Time at Tapovan Office is 9 AM and the Average activity time is 3 to 4 hrs depending on the rush and availability.
  •  Transfers from Tapovan Office to Bungy Station (to / fro) @ 300 / per person.
  •  Bus Transfer Timings: 9 AM, 11 AM & 1 PM
  • Charges for Video (DVD)  will be extra.
  • Non-Refundable -Bookings once done are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • No- Camera Using your own Cameras is strictly prohibited

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