Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh

Spirituality and adventure with Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh is the main glamour of this small holy town Rishikesh which is alluring mostly adventure kind of people around the year such as rafting, camping, trekking, and hiking and biking. But the most affordable way to explore nearby attractions is private motorbike trip Rishikesh like Scooty & Royal Enfield Himalayan bike tip, etc.  Visiting Rishikesh on a motorbike is an overwhelming experience in this godly city that admires all your visit to Rishikesh.

Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh
Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh

Private motorbike trip in Rishikesh is an exceptional adventurous activity for the visitors who like to stay local, feel local & live local. The bike tour gives you a chance to get remote local culture and lifestyle, where you cannot access by transport.

To visit Rishikesh on a motorbike requires at least 4 hrs to cover all the major attractions in Rishikesh and a practical way to move one place to another place.   Private motorbike trip is the time-saving activity to see all the attractions locally whether cooking demo course, India classical music lessons, Ashrams, Temples, dropping yoga classes, Triveni  Ghat market, etc.

Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh
Private Motorbike Trip Rishikesh

Advantage of motorbike tour in Rishikesh

1| you are in the picture

The basic dissimilarity with motorbike trip you are in the picture and all other modes of travel you are not.  When you are traveling in a private car or public transport, you get a little space & time to see, almost like looking from something from the window but on a motorbike, you are in the middle of all that you have at moment.

2| Freedom and Flexibility

You get a sense of freedom visiting the place, you are not bound to scheduled tour. You can stop anywhere and take a rest, eat and you make overnight where you feel convenient and easy.

3| the views

The advantage to get a better viewpoint 360 degrees wherever you go, you can see the roadside view, the front view, side view and beautiful scenic beauty of both sides of the road.

4| Take better photos

Traveling by bus or local transport, always difficult to get good pictures from the windows or by moving cars but while biking you can stop as per your likes to get good shots.

5| getting off the beaten track

Traveling by motorbike gives full freedom to get off from the highway, you can stop in the village at a temple while riding, and it is possible because you are traveling on a motorbike.

6| Meet the locals

It enables you to get interaction with local culture and traditions. You can see closely farming, harvesting, castles and you can enter in the busiest part of the town or city, so with motorbike tour, you can immerse totally in the local life of the place.

7| It’s cheap

A motorbike trip is usually around 15 to 20 dollars as per the route itinerary and plus gasoline. It is the best deal for all that choose the adventure bike tour.

8| Explore and discover

To explore & discover hidden places while traveling by motorbike that compels to discover local life whereas with tourist buses generally you visit only established places and attractions in a given limited time but lesser-known sites will be discovered only by motorbike tour.

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