Mathiyana Devi-The Goddess of Power

Mathiyana Devi-The Goddess of Power is a temple located in “Land of gods” popularly called as Uttarakhand. Mathiyana Devi is a powerful god and very popular in Uttarakhand. The entire temple is built in a beautiful location covered by trees and mountains all around. Being a desolate area it helps one to find peace and solitude. It is looked after by only one priest who lives here. Devotees and people with religious beliefs visit this place very often. There is something about this place which serves peace but also strengthens you from within.


There are many beliefs related to this temple. According to Hindu mythology, the most popular belief is that the husband of Rani Mathiyana was killed by his stepmother and their relatives. Broken by this when her husband was burned in Rudraprayag she got Sati. Here she emerged as a goddess to take upon revenge on all the murderers. Another popular belief is that when Lord Shiva was carrying the dead body of goddess Mathiyana in the sky, she was cut into many parts by Lord Shiva. One of which fell in Bhardar Parti of Uttarakhand where this temple was later built.

Mathiyana Devi-The Goddess of Power
Mathiyana Devi-The Goddess of Power


The trek to Mathiyana Devi is moderate but slanty. The starting point for the trek is to reach Rudraprayag. You can reach her by taxi or buses. After reaching here you need to trek for only 3-4 km uphill. The entire trek is slanty and uphill so you might get a little dizzy. There are no gradual falls and rise, it silently follows upward which gets difficult for some trekkers. So if you can complete the trek moving straightforward you are really blessed.


The closest railway station to Rudraprayag is of Rishikesh.once you reach to Rishikesh many state-owned buses and cabs and private taxis are available for your service. The nearest airport is Jolly grant airport of Dehradun.


The best time to visit Mathiyana Devi is all around the year. People from different places visit the powerful Mathiyana Devi to gain energy. Mathiyana Devi is very popular as a gentle god as well as its kaaliroop. During Navratri, it gets very crowded and a lot of people come here to visit Devi Mathiyana.

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